Which Kardashian Sister Is The Hotter Video Game Character

When I think of the Kardashian sisters, I don't think of things that make sense. I think of a world of people who are famous for being famous, who get a reality show by accomplishing the feat of being a Kardashian.

In this crazy world, I guess it's no great leap to think that a video game company will grant its customers a 60 per cent discount on a soccer game... only after encouraging them to vote on which of two virtual medieval Kardashian sisters looks hotter.

Before you answer, study up! Atop this post you can see three real-life Kardashians. Kourtney's on the right. Khloe is in the middle. Kim, who may have been too cool for this stunt, is on the left.

Got it? And now the video game versions...

I understand that you might be confused. I defy you to tell me which Kardashian we're seeing in the shot to the left here.

And which one is this?

One of these is Kourtney Kardashian, as rendered in The Sims Medieval.

The other is Khloe Kardashian.

This whole thing is being orchestrated by game publisher EA, which makes the Sims game and the FIFA soccer game that is eligible for a discount (EA didn't make the Kardashians). The game company doesn't even seem to care who wins the vote, since they'll activate the discount as soon as cumulative 1000 people simply "like" the Facebook page where the images appear. So the vote doesn't matter. Of course not! You can't even tell them apart. Old people in Florida had an easier time in 2000 distinguishing Pat Buchanan from Al Gore.

If you can think of an even more random stunt for EA to pull in the name of selling a game cheap, feel free to share in the comments.


    EA.. familiar with that
    the sims... still familiar with that

    kardashians.. who the hell are they?
    do they win some nobel prize or something?

      Look at any trashy magazine. They're there on the cover.

        And apparently video game sites.

        Come on Kotaku, I'm all for 'fluff' pieces, but why did you include this shit?

    Dat Virtual ass.

    I watched an episode of one of the shows once. It was absolutely devoid of any redeeming value, it wasn't even fascinating from a sociology point of view in its trashy-ness as some shows are.

    One of the uglier sisters was in trouble because her 'job' repping some product or brand might be cancelled because someone had found cocaine in her purse that wasn't hers. The climax of the show was some guy with a blue tooth headset saying, 'Yeah we'll overlook it this time and you can still be our spokesperson/point at thing person', and the dead sheep eyed girl was so relieved she was a success that particular day and didn't have to go back to one of her multi million dollar mansions a failure.

    Then the show ended! No 'How did the cocaine get in her purse?' "who was going through her purse and found it?' 'Whose was it if not hers?' 'why weren't the police involved?' 'What the hell kind of ad agency is okay with televising the fact their employees carrying around cocaine?'

    Just a handful of many shouted questions I had that neither the TV, nor my labrador Quinn (as in The Mighty Eskimo) could answer.

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