While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

Not too much news over the weekend, but a handful of pretty cool stuff. We've discovered that Fallout: New Vegas will be on the receiving end of some new DLC - called Honest Hearts. Check out the details here.

Sometimes I think it's a little too easy to forget that creators are blasting out incredible work on a daily basis - so it's great to see this mind blowing video getting traction. This Game Boy remake is incredible.

This study finds that gamers in the 80s are less likely to be university graduates, Jack Tretton talks trash about the 3DS, and Facebook has a new app that lets you exchange friend codes.

In Short LittleBigPlanet 2 Does A Good Job Of Babysitting With This Game Boy Remake Honest Hearts Is Indeed Fallout: New Vegas' Next DLC Study Finds 1980s Gamers Less Likely To Be University Graduates Sony Bigwig Trash Talks 3DS And Hurts Our Feelings Exchange 3DS Friend Codes Over Facebook


    another While You Were Sleeping &, once again and as always, more things to make you hmmm. (as the case may or may not be). i once played a video game in the 1980s, i would later go to Ghetto University; it nearly destroyed me, until i found a delightful job cleaning up roadsides with other like minded fellows of similar persuasion.
    you throw a coke bottle out of your car window at 100mph, i’m there to pick up the pieces and that’s how you spell capitalism! i love it; one day i found $2 inside a tupperware container filled with spaghetti bolognese - imagine that! How did that even happen? Me and the fellas laughed and laughed and then we laughed some more. $2 in spaghetti bolognese - what a world we live in!!! But as always, i visit While You Were Sleeping, i walk away content, happy, and not quite so lost. i feel found, that’s what it is, i just feel found. Found found found.

    The guy with more Pool Ponies than everyone (combined) on his street,


      You are a strange fellow...

    it was remiss of me to fail to mention my weekend predicament, as it were. But here we are. Ummm . . . The details are - at this very moment - of no importance. Let me cut to the chase like Steve McQueen playing it fast and loose; just shooting from the hip and asking questions at some later point in time and down the track in a future tense kind of way of speaking and the like (so to speak). While You Were Sleeping needs more flipbooks. Everybody needs more flipbooks. Please enjoy this early build of the all new Plainview & Bronson digital flipbook series of educational adventures. Bronson did most of the work; i wrote my name all over it to make it look like he didn't - because that's just the kind of guy i am.

    Love & Russian Models (in love with Russian models),

    Plainview . . . and to a lesser extent, Bronson.


    Eva Goes To The Late Show: (A Chigurh Calavera Production).

    A Digital flipbook & Educational Adventure.



      an open letter to whom it may concern.

      i recently embarked upon on riotous adventure with a clear goal in mind. i was determined to overcome all obstacles that the untamed sea known as "the internet" might throw in my path, so that i might enjoy your latest filmic masterpiece. apparently something to do with educated models, i don't know, i was feverish with anticipation and paid scant attention to the words as the flew through my eyes, past my brain, and on to wherever it is that letters go to die.

      i was prepared for pirates. i hear that the internet is positively rife with them. i was prepared for 503 errors, having negotiated them with aplomb over recent days as they proliferated across this very website. i was even prepared for madness, as all sane people are, by way of a six month course of innoculations. in short, the completion of my preparations could never be questioned.

      so i took my vorpal fingers... vorpal, there's a good word... ol' reverand dodgson was indeed a master at plugging the yawning gaps in the english language. was also a hell of a hockey player, as you are no doubt aware. but that's a story for another time... anyway, i took my aforementioned vorpal fingers to the browser installed upon my telephony device, and navigated the sea of webs to this page. i scrolled down the page as if buffeted by digital waves whipped into a frenzy by analogue storms. i stabbed at the pink url in a pre-emptive strike, long before it had any chance to gather its wits. and i waited as the seconds ticked by, salivating in anticipation of the joyous bounty that i would savouring imminently.

      but i was greeted with this:
      "Video Unavailable. The author of this video does not allow playback on iPhone"
      and my world came crashing down around me. i was crestfallen. i had been personally rejected in my quest by one that claims to be a dear friend, the very friend who beseeched me to initiate this voyage. the voyage that has been for naught.

      what cruel trick is this? is there way that i can be helped to overcome this final, seemingly insurmountable obstacle? is there any point carrying on? do i have the strength to make the return voyage home, where my awaiting family and laptop will grant me all the youtube viewing privileges that i seek? even then, if i survive the odyssey, will i find what i expect at the end of that journey, or will i be spurned in the manner of the original odyssey-taker (ulysses obviously), with plainview once again acting as the cruel arbiter of my fates?

      only one man holds the answers.

      one mighty, eloquent, blobby television competition-winning man.


      i can only pray that he is willing to share the answers and ease my pain.

      yours in supplication,

        It's called the rubber band theory.

        iPhone users, salivating cultists that they are, have expanded exponentialy... for no greater reason than a parasitic need to consume and spread. A borg like group constantly feeding upon new victims, dragging their screaming corpses into the collective and turning them into mindless drones.
        Their numbers have pushed and swelled, expanding in a finite space, stretching the rubber band of reality... and finally, it has snapped back. Its elastic returning to the shape dictacted by its very nature.
        The counter-revolution has begun, today a video... tommorow black turtlenecks.
        Repent now, burn your i-devices... and your Macs.
        For your kind shall be hunted, chased down the streets screaming about how the world doesn't understand your hipster stylings... and how design is a decent replacement for funtionality.

        And at the conclusion, upon the heaped grave of all Apple devices, we shall leave a marker... an epitath of such consuming honesty that all other statements are rendered irrelevent.

        Form follows function... not the other way around.

        Well said!! And J. Mac has put together a most apocalyptic sequence of events; a worst case scenario though i have, in time, come to suspect. iPhone you say? Dodgson you say? Dodgson rings the proverbial bell, but iPhone is, to me, just mystery and silent wonderment born of enigma, oblivion and the lost purgatory of scientific treachery gone too far.
        Maybe a button i did not press perhaps, an "i" i did not dot and a "t" i did not cross it is perchance to blame at reasons end?
        Plainview is forever made of all parts questions without sufficient answer to judge and jury both.
        i will, as fools do, rush in, press buttons and blindly seek remedy for your ailment; in crisis is when i am action without thought, the hammer falling blind to consequence, Tom Cruise in Minority Report, and Denzel Washington in Training Day.
        i will see what i can otherwise - as it were - do, that, so to speak, has not been done already in some respect and so forth to a certain degree as the case may or may not be at this particular point in time. It is what it is - iPhone is sexy and Plainview is all about, as they say, "Bringing sexy back."

        With bold, fluffy rain clouds of torrential remorse and all apologies,


          Many thanks for the gracious reply from the Jekyll personality. Even if it eventuates that you are unable to help, at least your heart was in the right place. Which is probably your chest, but I can't be certain of your true form. I always pictured you as some kind of gaseous being, drifting between galaxies borne upon solar winds. Seriously. In which case your heart would surely be dispersed equally throughout your entity.

          Anyway, I am nearing my journey's end. I can see the lighthouse on the shores of my homeland, placed to guide me safely through the teeth of basalt that ring the port. The teeth with an insatiable appetite for the planks that form my ship. If I can negotiate this final trial I will be home free (so to speak). Then I will try to experience THE VIDEO in all its full screen glory.

          I can only hope it has been worth the effort.

    Discrimination in the guise social reform. Gotcha.

    Guess I can only hope that the fair shores of my homeland will permit me to view it... and that I haven't been further excluded on the basis of my browser, region, or eye colour. Or that the video has been removed entirely in a final bout of madness.

    I also note that Jekyll and Hyde are now bleeding into each other, feeding off their combined powers. How very Moffat-esque.

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