White Light Technology Could Make 3D Awesome - Without Glasses

The current generation of holograms are generally monotone creations, requiring a single colour laser to construct. However, Japanese researchers have devised a new type of hologram technology that could be just around the corner.

They work with normal light and can produce full-coloured 3D images - where the colour stays the same no matter how you look at it.

This new technology works by hitting a thin metal film with three beams of white light, each from a different angle. Each beam excites a different colour of light, which then passes through an RGB hologram, combining to form a full-colour 3D image. The technique promises to more efficient, simpler and more scalable than current colour holograms.

These new holograms wouldn't require special glasses or a restricted viewing angle, nullifying two of the major problems with present 3D technology.

Who's up for a nice game of dejarik?

Republished from io9


    I knew that if I just waited long enough, 3D would become something other than a useless, low res headache-fest.

    *Waits Patiently*

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