Why An Old Datsun Is The Second Most Popular Car In Forza 3

Why An Old Datsun Is The Second Most Popular Car In Forza 3

It’s really no surprise that on this list of the 99 most-raced vehicles in Forza 3, the pole position goes to the Bugatti Veyron and its 1001 virtual horsepower. Right behind it? The Datsun 510, a 40-year-old compact Japanese car. Why?

For the same reasons they’re popular among classic racers – lightweight and easy engine swaps. Under Forza 3’s rules, a wide variety of engines can fit in the 510’s engine bay, such as the older Nissan RB26DETT good for a few hundred horsepower depending on turbo boost. It can also receive any number of upgrades such as all-wheel-drive.

The result: Datsun 510s top the Forza 3 leaderboards in drag racing, and in various tunes can clip off one-mile runs in about 20 seconds — a world-record pace in the real world. YouTube is rife with videos showing the little Datsun beating Bugattis or even the Peugeot Le Mans race car.

Here’s the rest of the list of the top 99 from Turn 10, by rank, name and number of races run:

1.Bugatti Veyron 11,479,924 2.Datsun 51011,249,622 3.Audi R8 5.210,835,396 4.Alfa Romeo Brera10,022,840 5.Ford Focus ’098,852,870 6.Ford Fiesta8,288,149 7.Vauxhall VX2206,550,745 8.Renault Clio V65,725,256 9.VW Scirocco GT5,318,298 10.Fiat Abarth 500 5,287,162 11.Shelby GT500 ’074,986,709 12.Ferrari FXX4,850,798 13.Lotus Exige ’064,743,235 14.MINE’S GT-R R344,732,949 15.Dodge Viper ’084,433,523 16.Peugeot 207 S4,351,868 17.Reventon4,299,478 18.Porsche 997 GT24,237,177 19.California4,096,532 20.66 ARX-02a3,945,154 21.Citroen C43,840,674 22.Nissan GT-R R343,832,462 23.8 Peugeot 9083,753,862 24.Chevy Camaro ’103,717,529 25.25 GT500 SC4303,593,011 26.Koenigsegg CCGT3,564,605 27.BMW M5 E603,532,529 28.9 Peugeot 9083,514,818 29.Subaru WRX ’053,354,301 30.Lexus IS F3,189,252 31.Audi S53,185,552 32.Silvia S153,110,802 33.Nissan GT-R ’103,080,806 34.BMW M3-GTR3,015,458 35.Ford GT2,968,264 36.Honda NSX-R GT2,909,608 37.16 Mazda B09/862,855,767 38.Toyota Supra ’982,714,637 39.Mercedes SL652,693,024 40.Subaru WRX ’082,649,033 41.SEAT Leon SC2,527,914 42.Top Secret Supra2,392,235 43.Fairlady Z ’032,336,503 44.Honda Civic ’942,306,031 45.Corvette C6 Z062,288,484 46.Toyota Trueno2,092,126 47.Honda Fit +2,083,775 48.4 C6.R ’072,074,223 49.45 GT3-RSR2,058,709 50.23 GT500 GT-R2,047,564 51.Nissan 370Z2,034,679 52.92 BMW M3 GT21,995,719 53.VW Golf GTi Mk21,991,807 54.Nissan GT-R R331,945,466 55.Lancer Evo.9 MR1,943,480 56.6 GT500 SC4301,890,580 57.7 RS Spyder1,863,670 58.Lancer Evo.101,847,229 59.Ford Mustang ’931,824,184 60.8 Audi R10 TDI1,818,934 61.VW Rabbit GTI1,811,116 62.Subaru WRX ’041,766,795 63.Mazda RX-7 FD1,685,038 64.62 F430GT1,634,959 65.Murcielago LP6401,613,457 66.Subaru 22B1,541,457 67.Maserati GT1,533,951 68.007 Aston DBR91,526,323 69.Dodge Viper ’031,514,909 70.Toyota Celica’031,414,136 71.Alfa Romeo 8C1,412,767 72.Charger ’691,397,317 73.Challenger ’091,372,853 74.16 RS Spyder1,341,677 75.Trans Am ’871,317,784 76.Silvia S131,296,425 77.Ferrari F50 GT1,290,890 78.Honda CR-X1,267,254 79.Gallardo1,248,753 80.Ferrari F4301,246,373 81.Honda S20001,238,218 82.Murcielago1,230,353 83.Chevy Camaro ’901,221,286 84.Ferrari 599 GTB1,212,589 85.Audi R8 4.21,202,767 86.Toyota Yaris +1,198,704 87.Miura ’061,191,472 88.Dodge Ram1,177,589 89.VW Golf R321,171,874 90.Barracuda1,104,047 91.Honda Civic ’991,101,955 92.Nissan GT-R R321,042,591 93.TVR Sagaris1,036,433 94.HKS Lancer Evo1,029,244 95.43 McLaren F11,020,136 96.2 Audi R10 TDI1,005,481 97.Chevy Aveo5 +1,003,088 98.Silvia S141,002,408 99.Jaguar XKR-S996,871

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