Why Has The Witcher 2 Been Removed From Steam In Australia?

Bizarrely, The Witcher 2 has been removed from the Australian Steam Store, causing many to fear that the game had been refused classification in Australia. After speaking to the game's local distributor, Namco Bandai, we can confirm that is not the case - but it still begs the question: why has the game been removed?

Speaking to our contact at Namco Bandai, we were told they had no idea why the game had been removed from the Steam Store, they then suggested we contact Steam for more information. So far information has not been forthcoming. Messages have been sent to Steam support, but no specific answers were given - users have simply been asked to watch the news. Apparently no new information is available.

The most likely reason, as far as we can see, is a region specific price increase. Steam pricing, even local pricing in Australia, is generally not decided locally, which would explain why Namco Bandai in Australia have no idea why the game has been temporarily withdrawn.

Our guess is that we'll see The Witcher 2 back on the Steam Store momentarily, possibly with a price increase to match the recommended retail price. A low, US-based price on Steam usually affects the buy in at retail for PC games, so it's possible that the Steam price has been increased to help move units in store in Australia.

More info as we get it.

Thanks to Glenn Taylor for the heads up


    Good thing I pre-ordered a copy of the Collector's Edition in January. It's apparently sold out in Australia.

    EB Games had better not try to jerk me around with it thought, I want my Geralt Bust.

    Wonder what that means for those of us who already purchased it through steam (and WTF if it is Refused Class)?

      If the game has been refused classification then you will be refunded the purchase price. If the price has just been increased then you will get the game as normal (without paying any extra)

    I hope this doesn't affect pre-orders already made over Steam...

    Any news if this have any impact on users who have already pre-ordred at the $44 USD price?

      Previous experience indicates that if you purchased it before they changed the price, then it remains purchased for you. No different to if they'd dropped the price.

        There's quite a few games now that I've purchased at the true/ cheap Steam price which gets posted before the inevitable aussie mark up price. I wonder if they do it on purpose to help us out b/c they know the high price we pay is B/S

    Wait... So the Aussie section of the publishers dont have controll over the steam pricing????


    Goes to show its the US section of the company trying to milk the gaming market...

    Once again another game gets price upped for being delivered digitally...

    Steam US account <3

      Or it might be the last section of the article that explains it...

      "A low, US-based price on Steam usually affects the buy in at retail for PC games, so it’s possible that the Steam price has been increased to help move units in store in Australia"

      this would be more likely....

      so how does one get a Steam US account?

      and can i bring my AU accoutn games over, or do i need to have separate accounts?

        You need to have a US credit card, postal address and IP address... Something not easily obtainable from inside Australia. There are ways to do it.

        The easier alternative is to make friends with someone in the US you can trust, and have them gift you the game then paypal them the money... I do this all the time :)

    Still on GOG direct from the developer for $45 worldwide ATM (except EU), DRM free.

      I was going to mention gog.com as well - stuff Steam with their idiotic regional pricing, get it direct from the devs (who own gog.com) for $45USD without DRM - can't understand why we aussies continue to allow publishers to rip us off with prices at $99+ AUD

      Yup. GOG FTW!

      As others have stated Good Old Games still offers it worldwide for US$45, and I think you'll still be able to activate it on steam if you wish.

      Don't they also offer a free rpg from gog if you preorder?

      Yeh, I pre-ordered on GOG as well. I avoid regional price increases like the plague. If brick and mortar retailers want to be competitive, they should drop their over-inflated prices, not pull regional pricing for digital distribution bullcrap.

    My understanding was that The Witcher 2 was going be priced the same globally anyway. Wonder what has changed...?

      I believe that is only for gog.com

    Someone file a support ticket with Steam Support! I can't do it from work here, or I'd do it...

    But I want to know what they have to say :\

      I actually did long a support ticket with Steam about this a couple of weeks ago, after I went to pre-purchase the game and found it had vanished from the store mere hours beforehand. They took their time, but I eventually got this gripping reply:

      "Hello Anthony, Thank you for contacting Steam Support. Unfortunately, this game is not currently available in your territory from Steam. We are unable to release any information on whether this game will be made available in your area. Please refer to the Steam store for all news and information on the availability of this game on Steam. The Steam storefront can be found through the following link: http://store.steampowered.com/ Let us know if you have any further questions."

    Mybe they've taken it down in lieu of an exclusive DLC item... a new Geralt TF2 Hat!!!

    Now the heavy can finally have a flowing mane of pure white locks!

    Well, really its "raises the question", rather than begs it, grumble grumble...

    You're better off ordering The Witcher 2 straight from the developers anyway: http://www.gog.com/en/page/tw2v3
    They serve it to you as a DRM-free download, for a good price, with awesome pre-order/purchase bonuses (lol at the paper-craft Geralt). Can't go wrong with that.

    Was it mentioned at the game preorder launch that the pricing would be the SAME no matter where you where in the world? Seems like steam are set to rip off Aussie again with the BS region pricing hikes ...

    So sick of this happening on steam! We see a game up with a good price for a few days then its taken down and raised to a price nearly double the one that it was originally priced at ...

    oh and don't get me started on the BS region locking!

      Steam is only the platform that the game is released on, the pricing and region availability has nothing to do with them.

        Yeah I'm getting from GOG.oom ...didn't except steam to screw us over The Witcher2 though

          Mate, when a game is put on the Aust. Steam store and then taken down sometime after it's because the publisher has made a change (whether it be a price change or whatever) and requested Steam to take it down. Steam has no say in the matter, they didn't screw anyone over.

    Who still buys PC games at retail IN australia? not like the stores carry more than blizzard or sims titles anymore. they killed their own market with their refusal of reality.

    I guess a price increase will be perfectly justified through all that extra shipping and handling via steams online download. (Sarcasm)

    I know its not Steams fault that developers want to protect there retail sales. Its still pretty annoying though and its not the first time games have disappeared from the Australian store. Imagine my joy when I got Saints Row 2 in a big pack of games for cheap but was then subsequently unable to download and play it due to region locking. That and recently ive been having an issue with more and more games I download that just crash at start-up. Unfortunately I haven’t received any replies from steam support either.

    I used to love steam but im starting to think there service isn’t as good as it once was.

      problem is that its not steams fault that the companies are screwing us over, its companys like EB and what not doing it.

      Im ordering my collectors edition from overseas just to get away from them

        Actually its not EB's fault that they charge so much for games. Remember those EB stores are run by everday people who have to pay to be part of the chain. Next all that stock that comes in they have to pay for, normally at the price we pay for when we import. Now seeing as they make their money from selling games they have to charge 80-110 for a game they imported for 60. that excess cash goes toward wages, electric bills, advertising etc only a small amount of that 80-110 goes to the store.

        Where we should focus our distain is at the publishers who dont like our strong dollar, not the local stores. I say that as an advocate of digitial distrubition.

        It's not EB or GAME's fault either, they make an absolutely crappy profit. It's the distributors who charge them absurd prices in the first place. And when they get asked why the prices are the way they are, they use the same tired old lines like "shipping costs" and "tied to the European price" blah blah bullshit blah.



    God bless Steam.. the $Aus is performing better than the $US and yet we're still asked to pay more than US customers.

    Good thing I didn't buy through Steam. Think I'll shop around.

    So 16 days to go and still no word from Steam or Namco and still no classification on the OFLC, what the hell is going on?

    I can see Australia getting this game 8 months later.

    and now gog have put their price up too, Australia, the unlucky country.

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