Why Zombie Yakuza Game Is Being Delayed So Long

Why Zombie Yakuza Game Is Being Delayed So Long

Zombie parody game Yakuza: of the End was slated for release on March 17. Then, the unthinkable happened; on March 11, an earthquake and an ensuing tsunami laid waste to Japan’s northeast. The game, which depicted a city in ruins (pictured), was one of many delayed out of respect to the victims.

Many of the games that were delayed are setting to get April and May release dates. Not Yakuza: of the End, however. The game is being moved to July – July 9 to be exact.

According to Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi, the reasons are numerous: “Cash flow, correcting the poster, buying new ad time, and the manual labour needed to repackage the software.” These are the reasons for the game being delayed until June.

Yakuza: of the End is a zombie parody of the Sega’s popular Yakuza crime series. The game even seems heavily inspired by first-person shooter Left 4 Dead.

【PS3】名越氏『龍が如く OF THE END』約3ヶ月という延期期間の理由を明かす [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

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