Wii 2 Controller ‘Like An iPad With Buttons,’ Says A French Person

Wii 2 Controller ‘Like An iPad With Buttons,’ Says A French Person

Destructoid has done us the kindness of translating some rumours about the upcoming successor to the Nintendo Wii from French gaming site 01net. The most interesting part? There’s a new controller coming around the bend that’s part Wiimote, part mini touchscreen tablet.

The controller itself is said to include a 6″ single touch screen, d-pad, “L and R,” two triggers, and “others.” The functionality of the Wii’s sensor bar has now been integrated into the controller, which would mean that you’d just use your controller as a sensor bar for Wiimote gameplay. It would a sport a front facing camera.

Also, because it’s Nintendo we’re talking about here, the cost of this controller is said to be “modest” and we shouldn’t expect iPad levels of power or performance here. They call it an “iPad with buttons” for lack of a better term. 01net’s source also elaborated on the hardware specs of the console itself.



  • If all the talk is right and nitendo has a next gen worthy system that’s capable of graphics on par or better than the competition then sony and microsoft should be worried. Once nintendo starts stealing away 3rd party support from the other two one of them will sucum and my bet is that sony will be the one. Their tv divison sucks and the ps3 cost them an arm and a leg. So unless sony’s new handheld can keep up with the ds i don’t see how sony has the money to throw at it like a company like microsoft can. 🙁

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