Wii Price Drop Due Next Month, Says Report

Wii Price Drop Due Next Month, Says Report

The Wii may be as cheap as $US150 next month, according to a report from Engadget, which cites a “trusted source” that says the console will become fifty bucks cheaper by May 15.

If accurate, it would be the second price drop Nintendo has issued for the four-year-old platform. The Wii dropped from its launch price of $US249 to $US199 in September of 2009. That price cut was rumored a couple weeks in advance, so Nintendo’s pre-E3 price drop plans may have again leaked early.

A $US150 Wii would be $US100 less than the price of Nintendo’s recently launched 3DS and the cheapest current generation console platform. It could also help revitalise flagging Wii sales, which have cooled over the past year.

Engadget’s report appears to hint that a copy of Nintendo’s Mario Kart Wii may be bundled with that $US150 Wii package. If so, that might be a very attractive bundle for late adopters.

Nintendo cutting Wii price to $US150 on May 15th? [Engadget]


  • On the subject of cheap Nintendo consoles, I was just in Borders here in Adelaide at lunchtime. They’re currently having their closing down sale, and I noticed that behind the counter they’ve got a couple of DS Lites going for $100 each. I only saw the pink one, so not sure if there are any other colours, but if you’re after a cheap DS you could probably do worse than $100 for a brand new one.

  • Well they certainly aren’t going to shift consoles based on the upcoming line-up of titles announced.

  • My response to this is, why would I want one?

    If I don’t already have one, I probably am not interested. There aren’t any new games coming out that are going to entice me and there isn’t any new features like the other consoles have just gotten. If I wanted a wii I would have bought one by now, you could sell them for $50 and I don’t think many will pick them up.

  • I’ve considered buying a Wii for awhile now. There are a few games on that system I would really like to play. When the price is right I might buy one. The cheapest I’ve seen new was at Big W a little while ago. It was $199 with 2 games, wii resort and wii sports or something. Those aren’t two games I am interested in so I didn’t get one. If it was Super Mario Galaxy or one of the other handful of games I’d like to play I might just have bought it.

  • The Wii is the PS2 as far as I’m concerned. The cheap option with no new games coming. I guess the only real difference is that the PS2 has a ridiculous back catalogue of AAA games that aren’t coloured by nostalgia.

  • Wii’s are amazingly cheap right now. Going for about $100 on Ebay and you can pick one up from cashies for $80-120. This is what happened to the Gamecube when they released the Wii.

    • Not only is it part of it, based on almost all metrics it won it by a mile.
      Harware sales – 60% lead over either 360 or PS3.
      Software sales – Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit, Sports Resort, New SMB Wii, Wii Fit+ all top 50 all time game sales and all higher selling than any other console title (CoD sold more across multiple).
      Profit – It took MS years to turn any profit while Sony lost buckets.

      Just because we prefer our PS3s and 360s you can’t deny the success of the Wii.

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