World Exclusive First Look Under The Hood Of The Next Unreal Engine

You've seen the sexed up trailer showing what games based on Epic's Unreal Engine will look like in the coming generation. Now join Kotaku and Gizmodo for the world's first peek at the tools and technology that will be used to create some of the biggest games on every platform from PC to iOS in coming years.

Don't miss Gizmodo's interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein about the near-future of Unreal and its impact on mobile gaming on iOS, NGP and more.


    I wonder if the UDK will get any updates that have these tools?

      It already has, in the March update. The apex tools are still in beta but you can get them if you sign up as a developer over at nvidia.

    We've come a long way since "Unreal". O.o

    Nice bit of nostalgia using the "Foregone Destruction" music track from UT.

    Oh, btw. What's so new about the use of Scaleform UI in this video? Dead Space uses a UI that looks almost identical.

    After some reading I found that Visceral made their own menu and didn't pay Scaleform. Is it just that Unreal Engine could not support Scaleform at that time?

      Presumably it is there for people who want to use the Scaleform middleware, so they don't have to do the integration work themselves.

      I'm sure developers who don't want to use Scaleform are free to ignore that code and do something different.

    I wonder if this tech is gonna be available for the Win7 phone platform? I hope so ... :(

    So preeeeety

    I want this now, even just the editor to run around in. I really liked the faces and hair, I have found that in most CG people's faces are too perfect, they sort of create the shape of the face and then apply a colour to it and just add some basic tones and lines for hair and wrinkles. Faces won't look realistic until we stop making them perfect, and find ways to make them look more imperfect, which I think this does.

    and how much of this will actually be used to the fullest in the future

      Well, that would be more up to the developer, and not the engine itself, hmm?

    And just think people, almost all of this is already available in the current version of UDK!

    I understood none of that... but it looked awesome.

    Well holy crud, that looks spectacular. I cannot wait to see this in use in the near future. It's about time DX11 development really started to pick up.

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