Would You Like More Wii Play?

On June 13, Wii Play: Motion goes on sale, states Nintendo. The game is packaged with 12 new Wii Play games as well as a black Wii Remote Plus.



    I'll have more WiiPlay thanks; so long as it keeps one of the key gimmicks of the first one - every game having a distinctly different style of art and design (knitted cow racing/watercolour fishing/wooden toy tank battles/neon pong etc.)

    ...also it would be nice to get it standalone since I already have two Wiimotes and Plus dongles and would rather stick to matching the old white casings if I get any more.

    Hmm I wish I knew if skyward sword was gonna come bundled with motionplus, otherwise soemthing like this mgiht be a good oppotunity to get a cheap motionplus (wrong colour though).

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