WWE All Stars: It’s KotakuMania!

WWE All Stars: It’s KotakuMania!

Our WWE All Stars competition ends tomorrow at midnight, so we thought it would be best to chuck up a reminder post, and show off the entries we’ve had so far. As always you guys have completely outdone yourselves.

If you have entries in the works make sure and send them in by tomorrow midnight!

Matt Key

Shane Quill


Corey Lee

The Stig







    • On reviewing my entry again, I think I set Mark’s theme music a little low.
      Or did you guys pick that up?

  • awwww mine must have been submitted before you made this post.. oh well.. i love everyone else’s entries so far.. my god some are fething brilliant!

    • side note – i think most of us actually act better than the real wrestlers! 😛

      …unfortunately we are skin sacks of bones, so i think that may be holding us back hehe

  • Ooo, mines up first!! Some great entries in the mix, I had a blast making mine 🙂
    Anyone that’s too shy just give it a go and cut loose, it’s great fun. Good luck to everyone 🙂

    • That is right. Well said. You just gotta have a crack at this one. I don’t think I’ve ever entered a video comp before. Good times.

  • **Re-post from the original thread, just in case you missed it**

    OK… here it is. I was not sure i’d actually get this submitted on time because for me it was ambitious. I have never done video editing and until Thursday i didn’t even have the software. I taught myself this over the past few days, having spent way too much time on it.

    I filmed and edited the entire thing today, but the additional banner and photo’s i added last week.

    Also, notice that the last few scenes were of a ‘green screen’ effect that i tested out at my house on my dining room wall.

    FYI Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 was used to make this, along with an iPhone4. Credit should go to Mark for the awesome comp idea, to ‘V’ for the two bottles i drank to get hyped up enough for this, to Zeaid for the brown wig, to Angelo for the glasses, to Sparty’s for the blonde wig and the salvation army for the red ‘power’ tie on short notice.

    Hope you enjoy it.


    Also, I did make a teaser vid that i wanted to share around today, but when i filmed it, i chopped off the top of my head and couldn’t be arsed.

    Finally, I have not watched wrestling for a long time and to be honest I didn’t even know what I should be aiming for. Last week, I found this video:


    I had never heard of Ric flair but knew i had to do something similar. This vid is just awesome.

    • I’m not mentioned in the news reel?! I gotta try harder then to be noticed! xD

      Absolutely loved it though, +1 to you good buddy, you should win this hands down!

      • I know mate.. I did actually try to get you in there but i was sooo stuffed by the end of it. Seriously spent about 8 hours straight working on this and when i realised you were not there ( i seriously did notice this) i just couldn’t bare to go back and fix it. Sorry dude. I am sure there are more i left out.. so sorry to all of you.

        • With the amount of work you put into it and the great results, it’s redeemed, no worries. I loved it, especially with ragging on him about TrialsHD and how you helped him so much xD

  • Well…crap. Everyone’s entries are fantastic! Looks like I’m going to have to bring out the big guns then.

  • The stig definitely won! He was tougher than all of you. There’s no need for him to speak. That picture already spoke thousand words.

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