You Can Now Play The Littlest Metroid Game Of Them All

Three guys have made the cutest little Metroid game you've ever seen. And if you like the cuteness they're peddling, you can go download a "tech demo" and play it yourself.

"Minitoid" is a homage to the classic Nintendo series made by programmer Tokinsom, artist Betatronic and composer Jamie Billings. It's not Metroid as you remember it on the NES; it's Metroid as you wish you remember it on the NES.

While it's of course free, remember this is a tech demo and not the full game. Also note that it's Windows-only at the moment.

[Minitoid @ The Metroid Database]


    Hello lawsuit

    I just started playing Metroid prime on the SNES
    Great game

      That's a pretty good trick, considering that Metroid Prime was made for the Gamecube.

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