You'll Never Forget Your First 3DS Street Pass Notification

On the fourth day since the official release of the Nintendo 3DS, I finally walked past someone else who had the system and was sharing their data... at the Sony Style Store, surrounded by PSPs and PS3s.

I don't know exactly when it happened. Possibly when I was talking to some PlayStation public relations people in front of a TV that was showing Uncharted 3 in 3D. Possibly while I was watching a new level of Infamous 2. At some point, my 3DS, tucked into my bag and set to Street Pass sleep mode, detected the 3DS of a 3DS owner who goes by the name Black Bible, likes dogs and dreams that someday he'll be rich

He didn't tell me any of this... his Mii did.

Black Bible is really Antwand Pearman who works at the website GamerFitNation and gave me his card. I already can't find his card, but his Mii is in my Mii Plaza, just hanging out. (I wanted him to fight for me in Find Mii, the free role-playing game in each 3DS, but he's not available for that, for some reason.)

Every Mii can have a motto. His hyped his website. I hope he appreciates mine, which is "Yay for icecream" ...had to cut a space due to character limitations.

I didn't notice the Street Pass notification until this morning when I noticed that a green light was illuminated on my 3DS. I'd snagged that first Mii at 6.40pm yesterday. It seems that I grabbed another one around 8.20. Where was I then? Oh, yeah! The comics store.

So... we can deduce that in New York City, there are no Street-Passing 3DS owners in my office, in my Brooklyn neighbourhood, nor on the C train I ride everyday. But there are some among the game journalists who go to PlayStation events and at the comics shops.

Have you had your first Street Pass connection? Who'd you meet? What's the story?


    Walked through the city (brisbane) at about 1pm yesterday hoping to have my first street pass encounter...

    ... no luck on my first day, heres hoping i find someone today.

      I got two on the train this morning!

        You should have a competition, whoever puts as their blurb-thingy as 'I <3 Kotaku' or somesuch and manages to encounter you while you're wandering around wins a prize. Like one of those invaluable signed pictures we keep getting promised. :P

      Great, there is atleast another one of us!
      Maybe we'll streetpass us some day soon...

      I should do the same, but I still don't know how many people will do it, I mean Brisbane isn't that big, you must have been on Queen eh?

    Haven't left the house with mine yet but I'd doubt id bump into anyone where i live anyways

    I got one yesterday afternoon walking through North Sydney to the train station! I was excited. But none this morning on my way back into work... Devastating.

    i was rnning to my bus after school and when i took my black 3ds to show my friend !!!! a new notification and it said i walked by someone with a 3ds 4 min. ago then emmidiatly went to the "find mii" game...
    hhhhmmmmm memories

    I went for a wander around Nth Syd at lunch yesterday but didn't get anything. After work tho, I had to wait 11 mins at central for a train so I had walk up and down the platform and managed to snag my first Mii.
    Gotta Catch 'em All!

    I usually get one every time I ride the streetcar too/from work or when I'm on the subway. A quick jaunt around downtown netted 3 yesterday. This is going to be great for the next Animal Crossing. :) I'm in Toronto BTW, so I feel fortunate to be in such a large city. New York or London would be pretty awesome I bet. :)

    I'll be hoping for several at Supanova in Brisbane tomorrow.

      I guess you'll get my moi when I walk past you with mine tomorrow at Supanova dressed in Assassin gear :3

    Gotta love a good GeekStalk encounter

    Walked around Adelaide for a few hours today with my 3DS in my pocket. No notifications.

    i got 2 from someone on the train this morning, around central station brisbane. his name was jason and the mii's aaid "derp"

    looking forward to supanova passes!

    walked around Sydney all day today. got nothing :/
    heres hoping i get something next week at uni.

    I got my first one today at school but it was really just my friend lol

    I got one driving to school today (Central Coast) and another on the bus to the Downing Centre as an excursion. Quite surprised, i was expecting none, however i did walk around with it in Hyde Park all day and got nothing.

    I walked around Brisbane for about 5 hours and got nothing, but once I got back into my street I got 3.
    Wow there is a lot of people with 3Ds's in my street

      Really I got 5 in my street as well, we might live in the same street

        Whops Sorry I meant 3

          We might whats your name

          my name is T$F$RF$

          the $ replaces my y's

            My name is HoHoHo

    Got my 3DS at David Jones last night on the way home from work. Wandered about Bondi Junction shopping centre today with the 3DS in my backpack and, when I got home, discovered my first two Street Pass encounters. Huzzah!

    I've been all over Melbourne city 3 or 4 times now and only got 1. A guy called Stewie who is into Lego Star Wars III.
    Hoping I pick up one or two at the airports today :)

      hi poopi

    Got one in Southbank Brisbane Sat night. While either out for dinner, or walking too-from carpart-restaurant.

    Got my first one while having a coffee in Acland Street in St Kilda. His name is BoomBox(with the little trademark symbol) he prefers cats but thats all it tells me. It tells me his population is 4 so obviously caught a few before me.
    Been taking it with me everywhere but failed to find any other so far.
    Might hit Highpoint shopping centre on the weekend to see how that goes

    got my first at a local fish & chip shop 25 minutes ago

    I only got 1 but i could see 2 people with one

    Her name is Laz

      Whops her name was actually Jaz

    going to Brisbane airport today hope to get one there

    I will tell you if i get one

      I went to the airport but there was like no people there

      but at least i got 8617 steps

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