Zelda's Link Is Old, Ready For War And Running From Chickens

To help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the Legend of Zelda, some artists have got together and run a little competition paying homage to the classic series.

While influences predictably focus on Ocarina of Time (for nostalgia's sake) and Twilight Princess (because Link looked so good in it), there's still room for totally original pieces (and redesigns!) to sneak in there as well.

There are a lot of great works here, but I think I like the "Tingle cake" the best. How it captures Link's expression - which is the expression we all have when we run into the little guy - so perfectly.

These are just a selection of the submissions; you can see all the entries at the link below.

[Drawing Jam 50]

By Bendragon.

By bergcrantz.

By BjornHurri.

By choo.

By Edrice.


By ItinerantHand.

By Jasper.

By MeLtingBrAinZ.

By Nori Tominaga.

By Volkertron.


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