11 Million Deaths Have Never Looked So Beautiful

Here are the deaths of eleven million Just Cause 2 games, caused by bodies smashing into solid ground, visualised on a map from the heavens. Please, watch it.

Deathmapping: Just Cause 2′s 11m Casualties [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    So you mean this is the picture that is formed, from those impacts?


      This is a world map, that has a point of light wherever someone died.
      Brighter spots indicate more deaths.

    That is a work of art. Thank you, Luke, for posting that. Just blows my mind thinking of 11 million in-game deaths. It's basically mapped the terrain.

    That is very cool. Can you please now make one with the terrain rendered, and all the points replaced with 11 million ragdoll bodies?

    Climb the highest mountain...OF BODIES.

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