1970s Science Fiction Comes To Life In Thunderbeam

1970s Science Fiction Comes To Life In Thunderbeam

Thunderbeam is an upcoming indie adventure game for the iPad that blends ’70s science fiction, ’70s anime, a rad soundtrack and Prince of Persia. Which sounds great.

Actually, let’s back up. It uses the rotoscoped animation style of Prince of Persia. In terms of gameplay, the dev team cite influences like Maniac Mansion, which is born out in the “send kids out on concurrent missions” mechanic the game features.

These kids can die. And you have to bring their bodies back to the ship. Which sounds horrible, but looks quite literally groovy.

The game has a Kickstarter page you can visit to help the team (who are making this in their spare time) get the cash together to make it, while the video above is so full of great (and by great I mean terrible) sci-fi TV and animation (oh, and footage of Thunderbeam) that you should probably watch the whole thing.

Fun fact: one of the developers is Wiley Wiggins.

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