2011's Best Looking Japanese Game Still Has A Stupid Title

Dragon's Dogma sounds rotten. It doesn't roll off the tongue, and it's ridiculous. It sounds like a title created by someone who just got a Thesaurus. If these screenshots are anything to go by, though, the game looks stunning.

The game, a role-playing title, is from the Devil May Cry team. Read Kotaku's eyes-on impressions here and see some gameplay footage here.

Dragon's Dogma is kind of like Monster Hunter meets Dragon Age. It will be out next year.

Not only is Dragon's Dogma the biggest game Capcom has ever made, it's rumoured to be the most expensive. Shame about the title.


    Sweeet - and, hey, japan finally makes a next-gen game...

    We could always call Dragon's Dogma, Double D's??? Wait, that doesn't sound good either =\.

      We should just call it "Dog" so much easier.

      I'm struggling to think of anything not to like about Double D's.

    This could be very interesting, I love the way games like DMC play, really fluid satisfying hack n slash games are unfortunately a rarity, I also think small objective, side quest style (I'm mainly thinking of the hunts in FF12) work really well when combined with an overall story. Hopefully its not a random, ever increasing stream of 'go kill this monster' type missions strung together with little to no premise and more of an open world approach DMC, without linear levels/dungeons to an extent.

    I would say I'm more attracted by tactile, realtime, hack n slash gameplay such as DMC etc as opposed to a slightly hands off RTS-ish system as found in dragon's age or even FF12 (though I still play them). But usually Hack n slash games don't have much depth to the combat, so maybe this will be remedied with the inclusion of magic and a robust weapon/equipment system? One can only hope.

    It also remains to be seen how well this will stand up to skyrim, which also looks frickin amazing... hmmm...

    I'm really looking forward to this game... and the open world idea is really appealing.

    i thought the sword swing animation wasnt very fluid. but the visuals are really high, last good looking jap game i saw was MGS4.

    As long as it's on PC so I can play with my friends, I'll instantly purchase this :D

    Demon's Souls sounds even worse. I've had to go the Giant Bomb route and add "Single Demon, Multiple Souls" when people ask.

    they seriously should change it, when i first heard the name i was instantly turned off... but now it looks amazing, and i can't wait :D

    I don't see what the fuss is about. Dragon's Dogma? I mean it's not a great title but it's not awful. It isn't as confusing as Demon's Souls and it's not as unaesthetic/illogical as Gods Eater Burst.
    As for the game itself, I'll say what I said on the preview; this is possibly the single most potential I've ever seen from a game. I wish they wouldn't say "from the DMC team" because it looks nothing like DMC and definitely shouldn't be compared. Monster Hunter vs Dragon Age is a fairly good summary though. I'd say it's a bit more Lost Planet 2-ey than Monster Hunter-ey but that's just being incredibly specific.

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