Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single, slightly obscured screenshot? Let us know in the comments below, and if you get it before I check back in, feel free to reminisce on this old school effort.


    I've got no idea. 8 Bit, obviously not a NES game (maybe?)

    ... Wonderboy?


    I'd specify which one... but it doesn't matter, because they're all the same.

      They're not... But this isn't one anyway :P As for what it is, I have no idea. Well played Mark!

    No bloody idea... I suspect the Kotaku hivemind is already posting correct answers as I type.

    AH HA! One I finally know! - 'Slugboy!'

    Leander? Except it doesn't look like Leander.

    Have you warped the colours or softened the focus on this one, Mark? It looks a bit off...

    So are you going to (put us out of our misery)/(gloat) Mark? What's the answer?

    I concede, it has a look of familiarity about it, but I just can't place it.

    Been racking my braing all day to think what the name of this is! Finally remembered!


    is it the new protagonist for Soul Calibur 5

    Welbot is pretty spot on - It's definitely Zombie Hunter on the NES

    Sword. Shield. Armor. Old graphics.


    King Arthur?

      I WIN!

      The game is Zombie Nation - it was released on the NES.

        Dood.. that is NOT zombie nation...
        it's zombie HUNTER!

        I WIN! :P

        Just to clarify further, zombie nations is a horizontal shooter.. i know this cos i played it only a couple of weeks ago!! :)

          OH GAWD! I'm sorry!

          I'm sorry everyone.

          I thought I won. But I lost. My bad folks.

    lol at mike

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