80,000 Screenshots Later, Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City Gets Google Maps Street Views

Now you can cruise the seedy streets of Grand Theft Auto IV's take on Liberty City from the comfort and safety of your web browser, thanks to the efforts of GTA's most dedicated fans and some 80,000 screenshots.

The folks who run GTA4.net added an impressive new feature to their interactive GTA IV Google Map earlier this month, letting you revisit the boroughs of Liberty City from a Niko's eye view.

"All roads are covered, except for a few on/off-ramps that weren't very interesting," writes Adam from GTA4.net. "There's around 3000 separate panoramas which were stitched together from almost 80,000 in-game screenshots (captured with a script) and the final set of tiles consist of over a million images."

Zip around town if you'd like, because we're told there are some hidden Easter Eggs scattered throughout the city.

Liberty City Map [GTAIV.net]


    Somebody had to much time on their hands.


    So awesome... So completely, utterly awesome. I can't even really tell you exactly why it's awesome, it just is!

    awesome idea, looks great. First area I went to was nearly night time so that's not too helpful :P

    So people how don't have the game can pretend they're walking the streets?

    That's pretty badass.

    It's as badass as a honey badger!

      So badass it'l run up under ya and tear your scrotum off!

    wow. this would've been awesome if it came out within a year of the actual release

    Quite awesome. Now, if someone did this with the Just Cause 2 map.......

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