A Guide To Driving Through A Real Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Motorstorm: Apocalypse is a fun, frenetic rolling tour through a world torn asunder by natural devastation.

This is the sort of driving you'd never want to do in real life. But what if you had to? Don't worry, Jalopnik's got your back.

How to drive away from a tsunami Amazingly, videos of tsunami waves coming ashore in Japan showed people driving away from the onrushing water. If you're ever in a similar situation, how can you increase your chances of survival? More »

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How to save your rare Porsche from flood with a floating parking spot The owner of a rare Porsche 911 saved his car from floodwaters near Louisville, Kentucky with the help of an inflatable cushion apparently tethered to the house. Ingenious. More »

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The Perfect Saturn Ion To Survive The Apocalypse With all of its body panels removed and the subframe painted black, this Saturn Ion looks far tougher and more apocalypse-ready than it's ever looked before. More »

Artists Create Working Post-Apocalyptic Drive-In Two artists turned 25 soon-to-be-scrapped cars into the seating for a custom-built theatre that looks eerily like a drive-in theatre after a thermonuclear attack by the Soviets. More »


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