A Man Walking In The Desert. What Could It Mean?

And Sony even has a stupid countdown clock. [Desert]


    Reminds me of this:

    Please let it be more info on thatgamecompany's latest game.

    Prince of Persia - More Sand and running out of Time

    i wonder what this is...hmmm...

    Hmm Uncharted.jpg, what could it possibly be for?

      Don't expect a lightbulb to appear above Bashcraft's head. There's no 14 year old Japanese girl in a bikini.

    Uncharted 3 maybe.

    Definitely Uncharted 3, also if you click on him he runs, but he's sort of limping?

    hahah, Kotaku.

    You've tagged it "Uncharted" and "Uncharted 3"

    so what could it possibly be?? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    QUICKLY, how many jokes can people come up with from this pic.

    Person: "Can't a guy get some PRIVACY!"

    Yeah looks pretty Uncharted 3-ish to me. Torn between my desire to know absolutely everything about it because I loved the first 2, and my desire to know absolutely nothing about it to avoid spoiling it.

    Eight days getting announced at e3 as relaunched title?? Remember that game people? That's what this reminds me off in a way, also uncharted 3 obviously but I hope it's eight days. Maybe it's a countdown until u3 beta hits psn.

    When i look at that figure in the desert, I imagine The Gunslinger, Roland from Stephen King's Dark Tower series...opening line...

    "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. "

    I personally wish it was the blind prophet making his way into the desert to meet Shai Hulud after an arduous life lived in service to the spice-vision.

    Long live Muad'Dib!

    Bi-lal kaifa.

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