All The Starhawk Gameplay Details You Can Handle In One Video

All The Starhawk Gameplay Details You Can Handle In One Video

Following last night’s official reveal of Starhawk, the interstellar sequel to/spin-off of Warhawk, Sony and developer Lightbox Interactive reveal even more details on this huge shooter.

Lightbox’s Dylan Jobe offers an even more in-depth analysis into the Starhawk universe and how this game will blend third-person shooting, vehicle-based combat and real-time strategy into one action-packed shoot ’em up. Oh, and there’s even more footage of jet fighters transforming into mechs and back and oh god that looks so awesome.

Starhawk is currently on schedule for a 2012 release on the PlayStation 3.


  • Wow. I just had to say that this guy is a *massive* douche. All his words are scripted, and he’s making it sound like Warhawk was a game that people actually played.

    He sounds like he was incredibly pressured by his employers to make a video for his investors, not the “fans” of warhawk. What a shitty game.

    • Holy pants, did someone poison your puppy or steal your lucky underwear today? That’s gotta be one of the most unfoundedly negative reactions to a developer talking about his game I’ve ever read.

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