An Idea On How To Fix IPhone Gaming

An Idea On How To Fix IPhone Gaming

While it can do some game genres well, boy, for others the iPod can be a nightmare to use. Yet those nightmares could easily be sweet dreams with an add-on like Alan Li’s Iphone Gaming Pod.

The attachment slides around the outside of the phone, and any ports or buttons it blocks are replicated on the outside of the frame. As for how it would work, the design calls for the frame to “dock” with the iPhone, so that the buttons could be translated to the relevant screen “presses” in a game.

Iphone Gaming Pod [Alan Li, via TDW]


  • If you really care that much about gaming on a phone, why not just get an xperia play? Runs a better OS as well

  • Problems

    -Chunky: Larger than the iPhone itself
    -Standardisation: You’d have to make sure all games on the app market support it, ie. all the devs have to update games so that all the in-game actions can actually correspond to the peripheral (never going to happen)

    Touchscreen devices will never be able to run certain game genres well, so why even bother putting lipstick on a pig? Live with it. Virtual keyboards are never as good as real ones, but people adapt.

  • “PSP-like analogue “nub”” If it’s anything like the psp’s nub then please dont even bother, also a d-pad would be nice…

    • I was hoping for 3DS to fail (due to region locking), so I welcome more competition.

      On the other hand, it device will not work due to several reasons
      1) Hard to get all developers to support it, unless Apple can enforce it

      2) It’s hard to have 1 device to fit all iPhone & iTouch

  • The appeal that iOS games have on people is that they may not know how much of a gamer they become by say, sinking 10 hours into angry birds. As big as the market is, how big is the target audience? Will an average person want to carry around this port? I don’t need any d pad and joy stick to enjoy my tiny wings

  • This is what the iPhone should have been.
    The touch screen has some great advantages, BUT it isn’t suitable for EVERYTHING.

    Do want to try this.

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