Angry Birds Hits 200 Million Downloads

I've downloaded a copy, everyone in my office has downloaded a copy. One of our commenters shamefully confessed to having bought the game on three different formats. But now Peter Vesterbacka has announced that Angry Birds has been downloaded 200 million times - if gaming goes down the tubes, we've only got ourselves to blame!

Despite the fact that Rovio has seen fit to port the game to every platform ever devised, this is still a pretty ridiculous number - regardless of your thoughts on the game itself.

Congratulations... we guess.

Angry Birds Tops 200 Million Downloads; More Than Double Its “Crazy” Forecast [Tech Crunch]


    Excellent, no wonder I get nothing done of the world included

    Do they count

    Angry birds lite
    Angry birds
    Angry birds seasons lite
    Angry birds seasons
    Angry birds rio lite
    Angry birds rio

    Much less of an achievement then

    Good. It's a brilliant game and deserves its success. It takes such a simple idea and steals away your life with it.

    i have it and i think its so overrated.
    cut rope is so much better and entertaining.
    i find angry birds just way 2 easy. Ah well i guess some people like it.

    *slaps 200 million people*

    Knock it off.

      Is your hand going to be in a world of pain doing that...

        Nah, I'll use my pimp hand... it's like granite.

    Expect this number to rise up, most especially in China. Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley has just been released this month and you cannot even say that it has already reached its peak.

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