Angry Birds Is A Virus That Cannot Be Stopped!

If you are one of those sacred few that has managed to avoid Angry Birds on either of the billion platforms it has been released on, you deserve kudos. But honestly - just give up. Let it go! Angry Birds is now free online. Might as well just play it. Give in. One of us! One of us!

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little bit pissed off that I paid for this on iOS. Rovie, I want my dollar back - I could have bought a can of Pepsi Max with that!

You can check Angry Birds free here.


    I have never and will never play Angry Birds. Not because it is bad or anything but because I have had so many casual gamers tell me how it is the greatest game ever made. The first dozen times you let it go but after a while it just starts to grate a bit.

    I'll never give in!

    I've only played 2 levels on the free iPhone version then deleted it, that's it.

      Also that says a lot about you Mark, Pepsi Max drinker. Why have soft drink with no sugar? It's as bad as non-alcoholic cocktails!

        Actually it's worse coz it contains bacteria feces (aspartame) which causes abnormal brain function.

          bacteria feces!? OMNOMNOMNOM!

            Hahahahah! You sir just made my day a little bit brighter!

    I have never owned Angry Birds, and have played it only to help Mum get through a tough level. Does that count as avoiding it?

    What is so special about Angry Birds over the myriads of other Flash games out there? Anything??
    ..I mean, the 'olds are even talking about it! I'd rather a Pepsi.

    I found it an incredibly forgettable, average game, and I honestly did try to see what all the fuss was about, but it's no better or worse or more interesting than a rather large handful of other similar iOS games. Tetris is all I need on mah phone!

      Many reasons, the tetris is the best there was and always will be

    Wtf is this obsession Kotaku has with angry birds, the game sin't even that great...

      Obsession? Kotaku is a gaming blog and Angry Birds, an extremely successful little game, keeps on having news related to it occur. No obsession, just performing their basic function of being a gaming blog. If you don't care YOU DON'T HAVE TO CLICK!

      SRSLY, there's plenty of posts I skip over on Kotaku cause I don't care, you should learn to do the same.

    Why the hate - it's a bit of casual fun which can act as a "gateway" game for people to get into other games - worked for my wife. It's successful because anyone can play it and understand it (my 4yo nephew for example).
    The only thing I find offensive about Angry Birds is the attitude of Rovio gloating about their success...

      exactly and to most people i know this is insanely annoying.

      They didn't have an original game to begin with, and since making the one game they have they are yet to make a single new game since.

      Yet once a month they seem willing to come out and say o th innovation is on the iphone(well freaking innovate something already)

      Rovio should be congratulated as a marketing team for making something cute and furry that anyone will be like "awww cute must play"

      as opposed to providing the gaming world with anything useful

    Angry Birds was just a remake of a million previous Flash games, good to see everything has come full-circle!

    It's all about the learning curve. There's something about the name and the graphics that might get you to download it, but once you do, the game eases you into its addictiveness. It starts off fairly easy and you feel like you're achieving something, and gradually gets harder and more intuitive.

    It's definitely a very well-made game, and its release signified a great change in the videogame industry.

      'its release signified a great change in the videogame industry.'

      Please tell me that was a joke.

        Not a change so much, but definitely an important milestone

    Given the article, this may sound a little facetious. I've never heard of this.

    I'm assuming that it's a flash game. Like all flash games, I'm guessing that it's not worth the time.

    If you like it, wonderful. I'll continue playing games, thanks.

    I will continue to resist!! I just get bored too quickly :P

    BALLS to you!

    I'm not playing this game, even if it is free.
    The limit of my entire experience with it is watching someone play about 2 levels, while I sat there wondering "What's the big deal?"

    Peggle is not as awesome as everyone seems to think either.

    I have not played Angry Birds yet as im quite sure I played this game when it was a trebuche game on Armor Games.

    Also where are you getting such cheap pepsi and do they have similarly priced Coke there?

      IGA - Parramatta Station. $1 Coke/Pepsi/Solo.

      See you guys there tomorrow!

        Or the drink machine at my work. Still $1

          Work doesn't count!!

        *Grabs tent and sleeping bag

    Is it on the nokia platform?
    Meh. I'm sure I played similar games 20 years ago on PCs.

    I have Angry Birds, but can't understand for the life of me why it's so popular. Not that it's bad -- it's just not very good. There are hundreds of MUCH better and more original games out for iPhones, why is Angry Birds so popular?

    I played it for the first time today in Chrome.

    I don't understand what the fuss is about, it's nothing ground breaking. There have been many similar games before it.

    I went to Myer today to grab their new catalog (which had no game specials inside) and I saw they are selling Angry Bird plush toys.

    I think I read somewhere Angry Birds has sold like 120 million units over all platforms.


    Wow now it's free thanks for the heads up

    lol thats the biggest troll of all. Test it out on Android market for free, becomes kind of popular. Move over to iOS etc and make a bunch on it, then laugh at everyone and release it free on the internet.

    It's a well known fact that sheep like angry birds.

    This game is just a knock off of a game called Gorillas that was first introduced on the DOS system.FYI Gorillas is on the Droid for sure but the original game was introduced in the early 80's

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