Any Of These Super Hero Movies Tickle Your Fancy?

Alright, so I know this is not games, but just bear with me! I just got back from seeing Thor, and while it wasn't exactly a perfect movie - it did sort of do a good job of rekindling my interest in super hero movies, just when I thought all was lost. We can expect a metric butt-tonne of new Super Hero movies in the coming months and years - which ones are you most looking forward to?

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    I voted Other just because i'm equally excited about all of them. Me and the missus see most of the new release movies unless it's a drama (thank god I found a woman who doesn't like drama!).

    Super hero movies all kind of fit into the same category to me I guess cos I don't read the literature they come from. They all kind of follow the same formula imho: introduce hero, introduce villian, create conflict between said hero and villan and resolve said conflict. Mind you I still enjoy, just have trouble distinguishing the different movies.

    Just my 2c worth is all.

    Too hard...
    I voted for Batman, because I expect it to be the best quality.
    But I'm pretty keen to see Avengers and X-Men.

    I gotta say the Avengers. Can't wait for when they scream AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! because I'll be there screaming it too! Not sure on the new Spidey though.

    The Dark Knight Rises because it will be awesome.

    Captain America because I'm curious to see how it works out.

    Thor because my friends seem to think it doesn't suck.

    Avengers. Joss Whedon!

      Oh yeah, that's the other reason why I want to see the Avengers. Big fan of Joss Whedon.

      If there is SOMEONE in the world that doesn't want to see The Avengers BECAUSE, curse you!

      And am I the only one who didn't have a problem with Superman Returns (probably am)... I'm not that keen on the reboot.
      I thought the story line was great, it wasn't Batman Begins, it was a fresh idea for the Superman franchise.

      I wanna see all of them but I'm not excited for Captain America or Green Lantern, I may not even see that at the cinemas. Spiderman I'm not keen on with the idea but will check it out regardless.

      Batman - won't upstage the Dark Knight and it won't be as successful (Ledgers death contributed to the billion dollars majorly) but it will still have a great screenplay thats for sure.

    Other - Winnie the Pooh

    The Dark Knight Rises, because it's the one that's most likely to be a great movie :D

    The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan has already demonstrated his fantastic aptitude as a director, I expect no less from the upcoming Batman.

    Spiderman and Superman...more reboots? Really? Not hopeful. I'll leave an open mind but it'll take a lot to convince me this isn't a quick cash in.

    Also, Morkai makes a very valid point. Green Lantern should be an option in this poll.

    The other three (Captain America, X-Men First Class, Avengers) definitely interest me, as they're addressing new aspects of the Marvel Universe that haven't been brought to the world of cinema yet, and I'm excited to see which ones are actually done justice.

    And one last thing. Retro's comment on Winnie the Pooh. Epic. Do Want. Will pay money. Make it happen.

    Will see twice if he transforms into a decepticon.

      But Nolan's producing the Supes reboot...

        And he's in talks to do the Pooh reboot.
        With Whedon/Synder/Rodriguez to each direct a 3 part story acr.
        Written by Frank Miller.
        With Nathan Fillion as Pooh.
        And Sir Ian Mckellan as Eeyore.
        And Sir Patrick Stewart as Owl.
        And Jason Statham as Tigger.
        And Michael Rosenbaum as Rabbit.
        And Nolan North as the Narrator.
        And Jason Cera as Christopher Robin.

          Jason Stathem as Tigger?

          Take. My. Freaking. Money. NOW!

            I just want Tigger to be the star of Crank 3

    I am curious to see what Snyder can do with the Man of Steel.

    Being a long time spidey fan, The Amazing Spider-Man is also pretty high up there, but I'll be honest, I'm not expecting much.

    Avengers will probably be pretty darn good! But good enough to live up to the hype? There's no Spider-Woman, so right off I'm not as interested as I would have been.

    You know what I'm not looking forward to? The whitewashed Akira. Just. No.

    All of the above!
    *Disclaimer i totally voted for Batman

      I think I loved DK too much, the third is gonna be a dissapointment no matter what. An amazing dissapointment and better than all others but...

      Avengers is what I'm waiting for. Hope Whedon can pull it off.

    I think the new Batman series is the only one that can be taken as a serious and impressive movie. These go beyond the genre of 'superhero' movie and make them into a film that everyone can enjoy. Massive kudos to everyone involved for managing this.

    But I am a bit of a super hero fan so it isn't necessarily the one I want to see most. My favourite hero is spiderman, but the movies have been pretty poor (seriously you call that Venom???) so I'm not expecting much from this new one.

    The one I am looking forward to is the Avengers. Mostly because this is a big IP that is a little untouched in film as far as I know and I want to see what they do with it and how it goes.

      My issue with the Spiderman movies wasn't just with the fact that the third one was terrible. Tobey Maguire simply wasn't Spidey. He started off as awkward, mild, bumbling Peter Parker and he finished off as awkward, mild, bumbling Peter Parker.

      Where's the quick-witted web-slinger?

      The guy they've got as Spidey now is a better actor, but I'll make my mind up when I actually see it in action.

        I'be hears interviews with BENDIS! ( saying that when SONY got him in as an expert that he suggested Spidey make fun of the Green Goblin armour, cos that's what Spidey would do. All SONY could think was, that the armour cost them a lot of money to design.

        BENDIS! said Stan Lee got the (censored) out of there as quick as he could and he had the right idea cos the rest of the meeting was just painful.

        All this plus, was it you telling me Raimi had a nervous breakdown while filming the third after they forced him to jam Venom in?

        Just doesn't sound like the right creative juices were flowing during those productions.

        That said, I really enjoyed Spidey 2.

          I'm fine with also blaming Sony for just not getting who this Spiderman character is, but when I watched them again recently, I could not get past Maguire's lack of performance.

    Iron Man 3 and the Avengers are the only ones at the moment. I can't imagine Spiderman without Tobey Maguire and Dark Knight killed any interest I had in Batman.

    I voted Avengers. But I'm more interested in how you got a job where you can go to the movies in the middle of the day? Did Tad take you on a man-date?

      It was "research" before he plays the game. Need a good comparison. He's in the back room reading Walt Simonson's run as we type!

        That new omnibus is all kinds of comic book sexy ;)

    Nananananananananana~ Batman!

    Other - even though it's barely more than a roumor at this stage, Deadpool.

    The Interwebs say theres a Venom movie on the way. With the proper Venom, and not some dickhead from some 70's show:

    I'd rather just watch Kick Ass again.
    Best. Super Hero. Movie. Ever.

    Also, there's a Conan remake happening, a Tomb Raider reboot, Ant-Man, Deadpool and The 2nd Wolverine film in various stages of production

      They're making a movie with Hank Pym as the main character?

      Well knock me to the ground and call me Janet...

      Conan remake is done and nearing release. Looked crap at first but looks interesting now. When compared to the source material Momoa is actually more physically like Conan than Arnie ever was. Not saying it'll be a great movie but at least the badguy is from Conan this time. Thulsa Doom was from Kull the Conquerer ffs originally.

      Tombraider reboot is a movie that's now redundant and likely wont see the light of day. It shouldve been done 5 years ago.

      Antman is in development hell. He's likely to get a small budget movie post-Avengers IF he gets one.

      Deadpool will likely happen. But god knows when. (never trust imdb.)

      The Wolverine, with Aronofsky departing it, that's a huge blow to it. Let's hope they don't neuter it like they did Wolverine given it's script was supposedly uberviolent.


    I dislike superheros. And subsequently superhero movies.

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