Armored Core's Finest, From Unboxing To Badass Completion

This month, famed Japanese model maker Kotobukiya is releasing an Aspina White-Glint Armored Core 4 model, based on a design from the popular mech game.

Kotaku often features amazing finished models, but here's a look at the box and parts it contains, culminating in a completed kit.

Developed by From Software, Armored Core 4 was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and is the twelveth entry in the mech series.

コトブキヤ「アーマード・コア アスピナ ホワイト・グリント armoured CORE 4 Ver.」のパッケージサンプル []


    White Glint... All those silly legends, they die today! I've surpassed you, and now I'll prove it.

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