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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.

Thanks to Andrew Burdusel for this week's pic!


    Here's a question...what the hell is that pic suppose to portray?

      AWESOME. Nothing more, nothing less.

        I have a problem with the fact that I don't think you'd actually be able to... you know.. with the chick as your bottom half is a horse.

          The centaur are a dying race, few women can handle centaur coitus.

          Clearly you've never googled 'Tijuana show'

      I'm on a horse.

      I mean... I *am* a horse.

        I mean, I knew the rumour around the Kotaku Fraternity were true, that you were nicknamed "Horse".

        But I just thought it was cause you liked Apples.

        I think you mean 'Journalist Upstairs, Horse Downstairs'... then add as many winks after it as it takes to make people get it.. (shouldn't need more than one..)

      I might be pushing my luck to get this comment posted here, but

      Which set of legs are the genitals between on a centaur?
      Usual place for a horse, or usual place for a man?

    What are your theories on announcements from big franchises (eg. GTA, CoD, MoH, NFS, etc.) at E3?
    Also, if Remedy's current project isn't Alan Wake 2, but is related to that franchise, what do you believe it is?

      I do expect some big game announcements at E3. Probably not GTAV.

      We'll see MW3 I think, and I think Nintendo will drop bombs.

      I'm pretty sure Remedy is working on Alan Wake 2.

    Did you get the email I sent ya?

      Got it - thanks man. You have to read Pluto man!

        Will read it on the train. Probably get to starting it tomorrow.
        Finished Bakuman 4 last night. So tempted to just read the scans. And I'm now burning with desire to get my manga published in Weekly Shonen Jump!

          Ahahahahahahaha! Bakuman needs a gaijin manga character. That would be boss.

    Mark -

    Do you know when the 3DS's system update is coming?

    Also, what is the Deal with the Witcher 2 Collector's Edition being removed from every Australian Retailer? I've heard rumours it's only because 200 copies were being released in Australia and it sold out, but can you confirm this? I don't want release day to come around and the neckbeard working at EB just hands me the "limited" edition with some crappy mouse.

      No idea about the update - Nintendo don't tell us until they tell us! As soon as I know, I'll put a story up for sure.

      I would assume that stores just underestimated the demand for The Witcher 2. I'll see if can squeeze more answers for you.


        My 3DS is gathering dust, I want to play my 3D link's Awakening, dag-gumit.

          Link's Awakening. Man, so tempted to go ahead and call it the best Zelda ever made, but LttP just beats it.

            Sorry, I think that title Belongs to Oracle of Ages / Seasons. :P

            Agreed. Link to the Past wins. Link's Awakening a close second. Might be because I grew up with them, but yeah. Awesome.

            OoT on 3DS will be very welcome though.

        Any luck squeezing (ew!) more answers, Mark?

          Hey dude,

          Apparently the only place with stock left is the EB online store, and they only 50-60 units left. :(

            Got mine coming from the US via Amazon.


            Cheaper than EB, both in raw dollar value and good exchange rate. No word on the website saying they are short of stock. Must admit this is a pretty awesome looking collectors edition.

            Oh wow, "Only Available Online"

            Ah well, I've still got mine pre-ordered and paid for. So HOOORAY!

      I believe it sold out some time ago, still plenty of places with it online. I think zaavi is the cheapest atm

    Why is there such a descrepency between mainstream gaming media previews (in which they have the chance to playtest), and reviews?

    (In the example of Brink - nothing but hype before release, now getting shifty reviews?)

      I think it's a combination of giving a game the benefit of the doubt and not shooting themselves in the foot. If you've already dismissed a game before the review, why would your readers care about the review?

      There's probably something there in regards to them not being allowed to print negative previews but I can't say I know that for fact.

      I would say that I think there is a trend in journalism of games to look at everything positively and highlight the good things in previews. It feels like if you are giving a preview of a game you should focus on all the positives as it will be a more popular article. It is only after the game is out you hear about the negatives or the misgivings.

      Maybe that is part of a gag order on negative previews, after all why should they let you see their game if you're going to say something bad about it. But I find it reads as though everyone who previews games are extreme optimsts even for games from developers or from series that have disappointed in the past

    What's up?

      Watching the game, having a Bud. What's up with you?

    Who is the true Lord of the Dance?

      My pants in the morning they were dry, they were hung,
      so I slipped my legs in, and I wiggled in my bum,
      My pants they are cool, they are wild and they're hip,
      and wearing them I will never ever slip.

      Dance then, wherever you may be,
      I am the lord of my pants said he,
      I look good in Lee's, Levi's and King Gee's,
      For I am the lord of my Pants said he.

      No wait, that doesn't answer your question.

        Not at all...but that's the best response so far! YOU WIN!


        I was going to post the actual lyrics..

          I was too, but then I remembered that we sung a version of the song when I was in Grease, and so I reposted it to the best of my knowledge, making up about 6 lines based roughly on what they said.

    Dragon Quest IX for the DS. Anyone got it and is it worth getting (even if no friends have it for multi)?

      Yes, get it.

      It's truly punderful, I cry and laugh all the time while playing (oh, and I guess the gameplay is pretty fun).

      I never got round to playing it. In Blaghman we trust.

    That is one weird as hell picture.

    Do you think Duke Nukem Forever is going to be an epic flop?

    Also, what is the RAT 9 mouse like? Should I pony up and buy one?

      I think it'll sell well. But it doesn't seem like a very good game from what I've played.

    How can we contact you or others at Kotaku if we have a tip/comment/suggestion/desire to stalk?

      The tip your editors email goes straight through to me.

    Are you getting Duke via Digital Distribution or physical copy? (assuming you're getting it on PC, which you damn well better be!)

    The long running line that anticipating fans kept saying was the game was never going to be released until they had their copy in their hands... With a digital copy, you can't hold the glorious Duke!

    Anyone know a good place to download the E3 conferences when they come out so i can watch them on my tv???

      I'm sure you'll be able to stream everything from somewhere. Not too sure yet. We'll update nearer the date on that for sure.

    BRINK is getting a ridiculous amount of varied reviews!

    Have you played it Mark, and what did you think of it?

      Haven't played it since E3... 2010? I think. I liked the way you moved around the maps. Thought that was fun. Hard for me to judge though, since I haven't played the final game.

    Out of the no doubt numerous games in your pile of shame, which is the most shameful to admit you haven't played?

    On top of that, what game have you played (after abandoning the most shameful game in your pile of shame) that you really regret playing and would prefer to have spent that time on that game from your pile of shame?

      The most shameful one is so shameful I can't even begin to imagine the backlash should I actually reveal it!

        It can't be worse than Totilo admitting he hadn't ever played Doom before... can it?

    Lord Editor Serrels,

    Thanks for giving us your deific, journalistic best on the Witcher/GOG fiasco earlier this week. The events culminated in CDProjekt deciding to drop Good Old Games' GeoIP function, and act as a truly unbounded, international marketplace, and in accordance, they have been heaped with praise and the blood of the unworthy.

    *a dull chanting is heard in the background*

    If you'd be so kind as to open your third, all-seeing eye, can you tell us if you think that Valve's Steam service will follow suit, either in the near or distant future?

    *waves incense-laden thurible in time with the chants*


      Doubtful considering once upon a time Steam didn't have a Geo-IP based system implemented in the store for when some games where banned, or their were price differences.

      GOG's decision won't effect much since the only new game they sell is Witcher 2. It doesn't put much pressure on Steam to adjust for the benefit of the consumer

      Quite frankly we should be glad steam sells to us, D2D has taken the simpler route and just not sold anything outside the US/canada for EA titles(which tend to always have a pricing discrepency) as they view it as you could buy from the EA store in those region's.

      considering it was once much easier to buy from the alternate steam stores(to the point that switching between the US and UK store could mean you saved some money). My bet is that due to publisher demand they tightened it down. and so long as the publishers can keep ripping off the smaller countries of the world without affecting the US, i don't think we'll see much change

      Yes. Eventually. When retail has less power in the marketplace. When it comes to PC gaming I'd say that'll be a couple of years away, tops.

    Ok, Ok.

    Good question. Good question.

    Any second now.

    OK, I got nothing, this is not my week.


      Read this in Stephen Merchant's voice (Wheatley from Portal 2).

        Lol, that makes it so much better.

        Of course, I just realised from that photo above that Mark is clearly not wearing Pants, so my question seems pretty silly now.


          I left myself in as God, I guess my not at all a secret is up.


      Today I'm wearing pants - but the top button fell off. They're being held up by the strength of my zip alone.

    I heard rumours about its possible announcement due to the success of Crysis 2.

    Do you think we just might see Timesplitters 4 announced at E3?

      Wow, I hadn't thought about it! Maybe, impossible to say.

      I'm going to say no. But I wouldn't mind seeing another Timesplitters.

    Bacon, delicious? Or MOST delicious?

      Lamb is the king of meats.

        Me and my friends are actually combining the two in 2 weeks time, having Epic Meal Time. Bacon wrapped lamb deep friend in beer batter, Bacon and Sausage stuffed chicken with bacon armor, Hashbrown balls, candy arteries are crying with joy just at the thought of it.

    any word on pricing for new crysis maps?


    Also, Star Raiders on XBL...
    Yes, or HELL YES?


      Sorry man, nothing new!

        Piranha have done with the Multiplayer on DNF... so they've got to be working on something.

        Can you have one of the Kotaku US guys ask them at E3?

    One of my favourite games of all time is Secret of Evermore. Sadly it was made right at the end of the SNES lifecycle so the idea for a sequel was scrapped.

    My question is, seeing as Square have re-released Chrono trigger on the DS and Mana on phones. What are the chances we will see SOE either re-released or possible remade in the future?

      Man, it's a bit more niche, but I would love to see it. I also loved the game.

      I can't see it happening to be honest. I think your best bet would be on the Virtual Console or something...

        Talk about a game that has aged brilliantly, even 15 years on I can spend hours playing that game.

        It's not so much that I want a portable copy. I just want more content for that game. It's one of the very few Square RPG games that has had no extra content Romhacks.

    New picture choice? You've changed, man. I remember this one guy who let transparent, angular awards get the better of him
    He ended up doing a nudey book with Madonna . . . just another Hollywood car crash. Has Lady Gaga called?

    Don't Change, Serrels. Something about celebrity being a mask that eats into the face or something. I just hope you invite me to your solid gold palace. And remember to keep the chimpanzee and tiger in separate rooms.
    Was it really necessary for your new portrait to take up an entire wall of your home?


      Best question ever. I'm going to print this and magnet it on my fridge.

      This reminds me of the muted ramblings of our resident sage Plainview.

      Mark question:
      Did that big 3d TV fall on Plainview... and is that why he's gone AWOL?

        I was just wondering where the hell Plainview went to.

        I really miss that dude. He brought a touch of class so he did.

          I know, it's so disheartening.

          All we have left is dick jokes.

    Mark, if one were to give you a lick, would one perceive that you did, in fact, taste like raisins?

    when is the next x-wing game coming out?

      You're a multi Logie winning journalist... you tell me.

      Seriously though...

      That needs to happen.

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