Atari Dumps City Of Heroes, Star Trek Online Devs Cryptic

Atari Dumps City Of Heroes, Star Trek Online Devs Cryptic

Publisher Atari is “divesting” itself of MMO specialists Cryptic Studios, which it snapped up in 2008. It’s trying to sell the creators of Star Trek Online and Champions Online after losing Atari millions. [Atari Results (PDF)]


  • At least Atari will no longer have any association with them (well soon anwyays). I’ve always had a low opinion of Atari (have considered them incompetent for years, especially the way they have handled the D&D license).
    I hope a good buyer comes along (as long as its not SOE or Activision).

  • Just wanted to point out, Cryptic has not been associated with City of Heroes for a while now, the game stayed with NCSoft and the remaining developers became Paragon Studios. The name “Cryptic Studios” went with Jack Emmert when he moved on to make Champions Online.

    City of Heroes (as far as I know) is still quite successful, and has nothing to do with Atari.

    • Lol for a second after reading the article title I was sad and then remembered that Cryptic has nothing to do with CoH anymore.

      If CoH was to go it would be sad, not that I have ever played it, but it seems to be a rather resilliant game that has survived longer than most MMO games.

  • Damn. Now I feel guilty; I cancelled my Champions Online and Star Trek Online subscriptions less than a month ago.

    Which is a pity. They were good games; I simply didn’t play them as much as I used to.

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