Attorney-General's Department Launches Online Survey On R18+ Draft Guidelines

Just a quick note to let you guys know that the Attorney-General's department has put up an online survey on the proposed guidelines for R18+. You can participate by heading here. This is an pivotal survey and it's important our voice is heard.



    Will anyone be shocked when there is 90+% support for the R18+ classification and the ACL will accuse us of manipulating the poll?

      To be fair they'll probably run their own manipulation in reverse.

      Email scare campaigns to their members have been effective at making heaps of submissions to review boards and commissions.

    Done diddily-un

      ^^ So we have the support of Ned Flanders? :P

      Done like a dinner ;P

    QUICK! to the bat signal!

    Nup. just like one man holding classification privileges from the masses isn't a form of manipulation. go for it. anyway time for a game, who shall I be Kung Lao or Baraka.


    Additional comment: Let's just get this thing done. Please.


    Regardless of my own belief that none of this will make a difference, I have to say there's been some activity on this issue this week that's for sure.

    I said I supported an R18+ rating but no the guidelines...

    then said

    Video game classification needs to be self regulated. With the industry always evolving, statutory laws and regulations are unable to keep up, especially with the speed in which changes are made with government institutions.

    Did I do a naughty?

      Nah dude - I think you have to be honest!


    Done, for what good it'll do because these survey's have all been done before. Waving thousands of signatures and debunking the myths surrounding video game violence time and time again does little when there's an idiot with power on the throne.

    Will they publish the results of this survey, or will they only be available to the SCAG members? I'd love to see the figures..

    Done. :)

    Done, May Common Sense Prevail!!!!

    The government is using Survey Monkey?

    Got a link from an official government website? This could be a scam to farm email addresses?

      definitely looks phishy to me. the australian government surely have the IT infrastructure to be able to host an online survey on their own servers rather than using surveymonkey

        LoL, you give the government a lot of credit! They can't even host a site to change your address details properly!

        What do I mean by that? Well they have this site

        That I've used before, then found out down the track when I went to vote that oh, nope that didn't work. Too bad, it's not our fault when the site fails completely.


    Additional comment: Let's just get this thing done already and stop minority religious groups from derailing natural societal progression in this country.

    It part of our freedoms as a proud democratic nation to have the choice, the option to play what we wish, if this legislation is not passed, its an infringement on our rights.

    Voted R18+

    I share the same concern as happycow, is there any way to confirm this is legit?

      It looked a bit fishy to me too, but there's a link from the actual site:

        Plenty of federal departments use survey monkey, the cost of setting up a similar service on demand through the IT contractor is generally a lot higher and would take a lot longer to get up and running (wheels of business).

    Uh, where on the Attorney Generals website is this petition linked to?


    At least this one is short and only took a few seconds to do.

    It's an official survey just hosted using that site, it's linked from the classification website.

    Please guys, take a minute of your time to do this, it literally takes no time at all.

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