Aussie Nintendo Store: Pull the Trigger, Chrono

There's just one title this week, well, one title worth your time anyway. The legendary Chrono Trigger has finally arrived on the Virtual Console and for the first time in PAL regions. There's another thing to download this week, but you'll really want to add up your Points if you want that.

Virtual Console Chrono Trigger (SNES, 900 Points) - Coming in at a mere 100 Points more than usual SNES releases, the classic Chrono Trigger is finally here. Not being a fan of J-RPGs or Square Enix games, I'm probably one of the few people who has never ever played the game. But for all you Chrono lovers out there, get downloading!

DSiWare Calculator (200 Points, Cinemax) - Ever been out and about and been stumped on some quadratic equations? Well good, because even this calculator won't help you with that. Calculator, as it's been so named, can not only calculate with the four basic operations, but can also convert measurements of length, weight, temperature, speed, volume, area and time. DeLorean is optional.

Just over two weeks to go until eShop!

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    Good fun on the DS too.

    Screw it, I'm gonna get Chrono Trigger again, even though I have the DS version already. It's too awesome. Need to test out my classic controller anyway.

      I bought the Snes controller that was a nintendo club exclusive from eBay recently so I could enjoy this :)

    Pull the trigger, Chrono???


    That's the best you could come up with?

    Dude... i think you need a red bull or something :P

      Funny thing is, I wrote it at like 8am. :/

        Bugger.. i thought it was mark.. sorry dude.. lol

      Gosh Chuloopa you sure are cross today

      ...Chrono Cross that is!

    Ahhh... It's good to be a Connection Ambassador

    As someone who has never played Chrono Trigger, would it be better to get this on Virtual Console or DS?

      The DS version will look better as it is on a smaller screen & has some extra features.

      If you want to play on it a large LCD or Plasma then you could use Snes9xGx for Wii if your Wii is hacked as this allows filtering & displays the game better than Nintendo's own Super Nintendo emulation for Virtual Console games which does nothing to smooth the large pixels. This won't be an issue if you hook your Wii up to an old CRT if you have one in the house. (Personally I keep a 64cm in the house for a lot of these old games, not just because they look worse on the large LCD but also the 4:3 aspect ratio they were made for)

      The DS one has a bunch of extras that aren't in the original, so I'd say it's the definitive version of CT, although having two screens can be a bit distracting especially during battles, but you get used to it. Though it'd be a bit hard to track down a DS version at the moment I think, so the original version on VC is still a fine alternative. Don't wait to play this game!

      Cheers! Consensus seems to be on the DS version (if I can find it anywhere, says it's not available on the JB Hi-Fi website, never a good sign). Well I just got a new LCD, no (working) CRTs in the house, so when you say it does nothing to smooth the large pixels, do you mean it'll look large and blocky or stretched and odd? Also, at 900 points it's a lot cheaper than the DS one would be, but it seems like it'd be worth the extra?

    Chrono Trigger is AWESOME. If you are a fan of old school square enix games, you need to download this and Secret of Mana. Classics.

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