Aussie Nintendo Store – Zombies and Pirates

Aussie Nintendo Store – Zombies and Pirates

This weeks update reeks like a rotting corpse, not because it’s rubbish but because the long time coming port of Plants vs Zombies has hit DSiWare. That’s the stand out title this week but there’s still a couple of other titles that might tickle your fancy.

Plants Vs Zombies (PopCap, 800 Points) – Not to be confused with it’s fully featured retail cousin, this downloadable version of the game is missing the Versus, Puzzle and Survival modes from the retail version, the whole main ‘story’ of the game remains though. The New DS mini games that were in the retail version also make the cut. The real question is, do you want another version of Plants Vs Zombies, I think I own it on like 3 platforms already.

Ikibago (Neko Entertainment, 500 Points) – A pirate barrel puzzler this one ye be, download it to set sail on the sea. This one is a brand new game, so I’ve yet to check it out. Sorry for the crap rhyming.

Where’s Wally? Fantastic Journey 3 (Ludia , 500 Points) – The third and final instalment in the Wally series on WiiWare, it’s pretty much the same as all the others. Wait I lie, this one is ‘magical’. I just made that up.

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    • I’m really hoping it won’t be like the last day of May.

      They need it ASAP.

      Never fear, I’ll have it up on Vooks or my Twitter the second I know.

  • Does Vooks answer Qs here?
    Does he know if we’ll ever see Donkey Kong 64 on virtual Console, does you?

    • I always make sure I reply to any questions. 🙂

      Chances for DK64 on the Virtual Console anytime soon are slim, N64 games just don’t appear that often and with the titles slowing down it’s possible we won’t see it.

      The fact that it’s a Rare game won’t matter, we’ve seen the DKC games on the system. However DKC64 has Jetpac in it, which might cause problems.

    • Unlikely. They really only make it to VC when there’s absolutely NO legal red tape which basically rules out anything by Rare. I’ve been waiting years for Rogue Squadron 1 to make VC but those fools at Factor 5 folded.

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