Battlefield 3 + Inception = Best Trailer Ever

Okay bear with me here, because I have no idea where this came from. I was alerted to it via a post made by ARXIN in this Neogaf thread but this is too incredible not to share...

Okay. First you take this youtube link - you fast forward to 11 seconds and pause. Then you open this youtube link.

Play both simultaneously and wait for the fireworks.

To make things simple you can just click this link, which doubles them up automatically (thanks Joab), or use the embedded links below. Trust us. This is worth it.

If you were the genius that came up with this inspired piece of youtube mixing, let us know!


    That was incredible. I think I'll be playing the entire Inception soundtrack while I play Battlefield now!

    Damn cool.

    The Inception soundtrack makes everything awesome. You can use this and the new MW3 trailer and matches. I just started watching this trailer with the ME2 launch trailer music. Works pretty good as well.

      It's the Guile soundtrack for a new generation.

        HA! Amazing.

        btw Pepsico are on the line with a cease and desist order =P

    Epic. I love a well matched music video!

    I did something similar a few months ago. I played a track from the Dark Knight with the LAPD's radio channel. It was pretty epic.

    That was...very cool. was alright, definitely not as good as you made it sound Mr. Serrels.

    that song isnt in the inception soundtrack btw. not if we are talking about the hans zimmer offical inception soundtrack. which is completely epic btw, i recommend it highly!

      ...always has to be one of them I guess....


    songs and game trailers. a beautiful combo

    - wait, same Joab?

    Yeah, but how does it go with Dark Side of the Moon?

    Great find! Wish we could get the person who made it.

    To make it easier, I combined and uploaded them in one video for your enjoyment. Full credit still goes to you guys here and the people who discovered it. Please watch in HD or highest res you can until it's fully processed.

    This works better with Battlefield fault line trailer two :O

    life would be epic with the Inception soundtrack playing in general

    Check this out..... It works even better

    BF3 my life trailer with mind heist (inception trailer

    If your wondering, this whole Inception meets Battlefield 3 Started in the EA UK Forums, or Mordor, which was shut down last year.

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