Beachhead Project Is Important To This Year's Call Of Duty Game

Today's Activision Blizzard first quarter 2011 financial results call came and went without specific mention of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but talk surrounding Beachheads buzzword-powered online digital platform indicates it will play a strong role in the next Call of Duty game.

Earlier this year Activision revealed that a new internal studio called Beachhead was working on an integrated online platform for the Call of Duty franchise, providing a "best in class online community" with services that would "supercharge the series like never before".

In today's call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick used more of the same language in describing the new platform. They spoke of console integrating, connectivity and exclusive content. They even talked monetisation.

"We haven't released the details of the business model for Beachhead," said Hirshberg. "It is the response to the passion people have for the game, the amount that people want to engage one another in a connected way. We want to create an experience that was amplifying enough... to be able to be monetised."

Kotick followed up the monetisation by stressing there would also be "A lot of new capabilities and services provided free of charge to our customers."

As for when we'll get to see this elusive Beachhead platform in action, Hirshberg said it would be "an integral part to the innovation signature of the Call of Duty game this year".

The Call of Duty game this year? Why must we dance this dance? We all know it's coming. Out with it, already!


    Smells like Halo Waypoint to me with an almost like steam overlay built in to COD.

    Just give me a game in which I can play some casual multiplayer. I don't need any of this other shit.

    Smells like CoD multiplayer is going freemium

    I heard somewhere that it was simply related to online stats and the like (RockPaperShotgun, I think).

    “an integral part to the innovation signature of the Call of Duty game this year”

    I don't think Call of Duty and innovation belong in the same sentence :/

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