Behold The Shrunken Glory Of MineCraft Running On Android

We've all seen the picture, now let's drool over how well MineCraft Pocket Edition runs on the Xperia Play.

Making its big debut at E3 2011 early next month, MineCraft Pocket Edition is the portable block building game you've all been waiting for. Shown here running on Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play, this tiny version of the indie darling will be showing up on Android first, with an iPhone version following after.

Of course it won't be quite this fast, but it still looks rather smooth, doesn't it? And it looks like whoever is playing in this vid is having no problem crafting complicated structures with the limited controls.

Look for more on MineCraft Pocket Edition during E3 2011.


    This looks shit. There's, what, a height of four blocks max on the screen?

    Can't wait to see the iPhone version - it's going to suck arse trying to see the screen while your fingers are all over it

      This looks shit, but you can't wait to see the iPhone version? Right.

        Learn to sarcasm.

    Looks awesome. Hope it's the full game though, with zombies etc, and not just the free version that's available on PC

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