Bishoujo Booth Babes. More Cosplayers. Some Dudes.

Thought you'd seen all the dress up action this year's Tokyo Dream Party had to offer? Wrong!

Website Asagawo Blog is cataloguing the show's cosplayers and booth companions. Dream Party is a biannual convention that specialises in "bishoujo" or "beautiful young girl" games.

Dream Party booth companions dress up as characters from the bishoujo games they are promoting, sometimes blurring the line between cosplayer and companion.

コスプレ彼女-, その1-, その2-, その3-, その4-, その5-, その6-, その7-, その8- [アサガヲBlog]


    what the hell is with that "about to blow a raspberry" expression Japanese people always make in photos. Is it like their version of the "duck face"?

    hnnnnnnnnnngggggggg :3

    I don't understand why they are holding guns in the Macross Frontier one (the very first pic)

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