Black Ops PS3 Bundle Coming In Three Weeks

A retail source informs Kotaku that a Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 bundle will be available on May 24. The unit lists for $US299.99.

Kotaku has reached out to representatives of Activision and Sony Computer Entertainment. Any comment will be updated here.


    so we should be able to get this for $280 in australia?....right? ah forget it.

      According to the system at work it's $599. Ain't no justice baby...

      yeah, its not like the oz dollar went above the us dollar for an hour ... its been like months!

      i have wanted to buy a ps3 and a handful of games a few times this past year, but everytime i go into a shop and see the console alone for $500+ I walk out muttering "fuck sony". there is no good reason it should be ANYWHERE near this price point! especially when its similar to a 360 with a blue ray drive and arguably cheaper main chips (designed & produced by sony, for use in ps & other devices, remember?).

      every time i spent the 300-400 dollars or so on more 360 & wii games instead. Anyone else do this??? i wonder how many people would have bought it if it was reasonably priced. Its the first sony hardware ive skipped.

      i was hoping for $350AU

    Is this indicative of when PSN will be back?

      don't count on it. i've had to lower my standards and use my 360. i feel so dirty.


    Dude what a bloody fanboy

    PSN can stay down forever for all I care

    Feeling dirty playing a reliable online system, you sir are a bloody moron

    F this the AUD is stronger than the US and we still pay double, stuff those yanks they probably still say its too much for them

    This was a bundle that was offered shortly after the launch of Black Ops in Australia...

    man this sucks its 2 days after my birth day and i dont wanna wait!

    Where will you be able to get this from? I live in Perth,Australia. Does anyone know when this will hit the shelves? it is already out in America. PLEASE HELP

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