Blind Gamer Shows How He Plays Through Ocarina Of Time

A while back we posted the story of Terry Garret, who has completed Abe's Exoddus multiple times, despite being blind. Now, he's taken the time to show how he has managed to play through Ocarina of Time.

Considering the depth of Ocarina of Time, and the puzzles that exist in a 3D space, this is an incredible, incredible achievement.

Blind gamer demonstrates how he plays through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Go Nintendo]


    "Hey! Hey! Listen!"

    This is the first video of his I've seen. Wow. Not only is he fully awesome but it's also amazing that the sound design of OoT can allow him to actually do this!

    Did he get to this level of skill and knowledge through trial and error or did someone help him?

    That is very awesome!! Hats off to him for not letting anything get in the way of enjoying a good game!


    Good on him! :) Water temple must have been a bit of a nightmare i imagine...

    Max respect
    What a champ

    i can barely play games properly even WITH my sight.

    What an inspiration and a champ! :D

    Full respect to him, have seen footage of him playing Abe and am amazed at his patience.
    And I hope this isn't too rude but whoever dressed him in that "Where's Wally" shirt obviously has a great sense of humour

    Wow, it says a lot for important good sound design is in games! This guy is AMAZING!

    No offense to this guy, but what does he get out of doing this????

    I totally respect him for being able to do this, i think its amazing. I just don't get what kind of enjoyment he gets out of a game if he can't see it.

    I don't want to sound shallow or anything, but a game is mostly a visual experience and if your missing out on it, I don't know why you'd bother.

    Then again, I'm not whatever floats your boat.

      Couldn't one say that life itself is mostly a visual experience to humans? It is clearly one of our most used and powerful senses; so what would any blind person get without it?

      Maybe if you're curious enough you could perhaps blindfold yourself and see what you get out of it, for science of course.

        Perhaps for the musical experience? And the challenge of unlocking the music?

        I know that's my favourite part of OOT :P

      He's accomplishing something.
      Beating a challenge?
      You don't need to see to get thrills from beating things.
      Think about your first time completing OOT... Now think about how crazy it would be and how crazy it would feel if you beat it with your eyes closed.

    What can I say, He's a blind mastermind! It still saddens me though that we are in the 21st century and still no bionic eyes for blind people - and no bionic ears for deaf people. Allthough this tech is def. in development.

    This is great. Amazing what can be done when you're determined enough. Good job man!

    Water Temple would have been a motherfucker for him.

    this guy is awesome! i challenge him to play assassins creed.

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