BloodRayne Is Doing Its Best Castlevania Impression

When BloodRayne: Betrayal was announced so close to April 1, we met the reveal with a healthy dose of scepticism. A 3D shooter turned into a 2D platformer? Seemed a little weird.

But here it is, in all its 2D, cel-shaded glory. A comment on the clip's YouTube page says "looks like castalvania now i hated blood ryane so this can only be an improvement", which must surely sum up most people's thoughts on the matter.

It'll be out on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this winter.


    I enjoyed the 3D games but I ALSO like Castlevania. While I'm excited, I hope there will be more 3D adventures in the future.

    This actually looks pretty cool.

    Now all this games needs is a cameo of Uwe Boll for us to maim...

    That is some damn nice art and animation.
    And it looks like it will have some platform hell elements (spikes/saw blades).
    This is way more than I'd expect from something using the Bloodrayne license.

    I have the first two games on Steam but I don't think I'd describe myself as a 'fan'... but the idea that this game will be 'like Castlevania' actually causes me to be interested in it. I think that style of gameplay would fit the brand well and here's hoping they do it well.

    This looks exceptionally cool. The license has always had potential, but it's always been a crapshoot when it came to the games.

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