'Brawl' Art Contest Spawns Beautifully Reimagined Fighters

When the CG artists who inhabit the Polycount forums direct their creative juices at redesigning the famous fighters of video games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Tekken and more, we're the real winners.

That's because we get to see the polygonal fruit of their labors, which range from radical takes on Mario from Super Smash Bros., Zero from Marvel vs Capcom 3 and even a spindly, teen-aged Akuma from Street Fighter in the art contest known as "Brawl."

Click through the gallery above from some highlights from the recently closed contest, then make your way to the Polycount forums for even more. There are dozens of additional re-imagined fighters and redesigned stages, yours for the ogling right here.


    I wish I were better at 3D modeling :(

      I've got fantastic immorees of playing this game in the arcades! They had it a a local arcade in my city centre and on weekends I used to go down there pumping my pocket money into the machine.At the time the (then) huge sprites looked amazing! admittedly the sampled speach allways sounded dogey though as if it was sampled underwater but hey the game still looked ace considering it was out in 1987!Pulling off fireballs was something of a miracle each time though seeing as the controls were er? a bit iffy! but it was worth it as it took about half of your opponents energy off!I miss Geki boo hoom sniff.

    I hope these chaps work in Visual Effects for a living, because that would be a lot of outright talent going to total waste otherwise.

    Hakumen is especially well-realized.

    i clicked through the link and WOAH.

    those are just off the hook awesome :)

    Zero looks... the same. Except in 3D. And he's from Megaman Zero. Well Megaman. But they made a spinoff to Megaman Zero. And then to Marvel Vs Capcom

    OH MY GOD .. NetherRealm - hire that man to put his Kabal into MK9 as DLC!

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