Brink Steam Price On The Brink Of Insanity

Wow, this doesn't make any sense - in a good way. Brink which used to be cheap, then was $89.95, can now be bought on Steam at $59.95, with an additional strategy guide. Hurry up folks - before they change their mind!

We've absolutely no idea how or why this situation occurred. Just hurry over there and give them your money!


    But the question remains: is the game worth buying?

      Still not enough to convince me, ridiculous as it is.

      yeah I'm waiting on this answer too

      A lot of players I've spoken to have said it is worth buying, and that reviewers just have CoD shoved so far up their ass they wouldn't know a good game if they saw it.

        I haven't played it - but I'm hearing the PC version is alright, but the console version is a bit sucky. Haven't played it.

          I think the 360 version is OK. I had a little dabble last night for an hour or so. It took me a while to get used to the gameplay, it's not as smooth as a Battlefield BC2 multiplayer experience, but it is unique. I started to enjoy it by the end.

      I played it for a bit last night, and find it rather meh. Small levels, with nothing new in the gameplay. I reckon it could be a fun lan game, but no one else I know has bought it.

      PC version is decent. If you're playing with / against real people that is.

      I can see it being a pretty good multi game... probably a stayer for LAN parties. hopefully they release a few map packs. for free.

    Probably a result of the backlash from people who are annoyed at the fact that it is a clearly incomplete game.

      Why do you say that and what is your statement based on? I have not played the game yet but the reviews I read were quite positive about the game (like eurogamer n such)

        Almost all the major gaming news sites have rated it fairly low. It's averaging around 7/10 currently. There was even an article here on Kotaku on how broken it is. The recommendation is to wait for the patches which will hopefully iron things out.'s Quick Look of the game, the reviews I've read and the reaction to it on Reddit.

          That's because the cesspool that is the reddit community probably don't understand it. I've always imagined the traditional reddit user (a bit like your average Slashdotter) to be like the comic store guy from the Simpsons. I agree it is a little glitchy, but those are technical issues, not issues from a functional perspective.

          People need to get out of the traditional FPS mindset and to stop comparing it to games like TF2, because (as the developing studio has stated) it is not a traditional FPS. Movement is everything.

            I disagree that you ask us to stop comparing it with tf2. tf2 is a very successful typical capture-the-flag lan party game. Brink comes out advertising the same idea, but keeps saying "we are special". So we want to see what is special comparing to tf2?

    Game is seriously great, but make sure you have a bunch of mates or a clan to play it with.

    it is worth picking up.

    I've just started playing on PS3 (Offline - D'Oh!)
    I'm enjoying it so far. The only beef I have is with the ally AI (The enemy AI is decent as far aas I can tell)

      From what I've heard, the AI actually scales with your level, when you get to level 20 the AI gets good apparently.

      Perhaps it's just the console the AI is broken on.

    Obviously the strategy guide costs -$30 at Australian retailers and they're just adjusting the price for our market.

    First impressions I've read so far about Brink don't fill me with confidence no matter the price (okay, $5 would have this on my Steam list before you blinked). Something worth watching though.

    I just worte this to send to my mate Bruce (Mccawsome)

    Brink – X360
    The story of two factions fighting for domination of a floating oasis called .... something.
    It doesn’t really matter. The story is there ... but only to fuel your desire to point your boomstick at someone else.

    This is essentially Team Fortress 2 only without the charm.
    Class based combat and class based objectives. Vanilla.

    I found the class changes frustrating... I was not able to create several weaps loadouts and switch out depending on the maps.
    When you switch classes it only affects your special weaps and your ability to complete objectives.
    The difficulty peaks and troughs randomly.
    Enemies stand out in the open... but are difficult to take down.
    Plus, when they get a shot off ... you will dropped like a tonne of bricks.
    The AI for your team mates is okay.... nothing special. The medics will revive you if they are nearby but I never see them plant mines or turrets.

    The visuals are standard. It had some weird texture streaming issues that have been improved by a patch I downloaded this morning.

    The weaps customisation is good... but limited.
    The personal customisation is really good. So much room to be a unique character.

    There are challenges and freeplay options available so that you can keep playing over and over.

    The sound is easily the best feature of this game.
    Each wep has its own personality when it comes to sound and style.

    I just wish they would let me use decals to customise them a bit more and also pick up fallen weaps when out of ammo.

    7.0 out of 10.
    (Sorry Kotaku .. I had to score it)

    Too late, ordered my copy from ozgameshop last week after I saw the price for Brink on Steam :( Still cheaper though.

      Seconded, sir.

      Even cancelled my $90 pre-order on steam to get it.


    If only Kotaku had a dedicated server...

    Oh I can only dream.

    Supporting companies which are A-OK with discriminatory, arbitrary price gouges is something I can't advocate, even if they have a cool product.

    Makes me wish I didn't preorder it before they started this bullshit :(

    Oh, now I seen what they've done. With strategy guide US$59.98 - without $89.99

    Had to see it for myself to see that I guess lol

    Save your $ and put it towards LA Noire ;)

      Couldnt have said it better:)

    I found gametrailers' review to be fair:

    Got mine from for $38.99.

    These guys specialise in sending games to AU/NZ from the UK with free delivery. Shipment takes about 4-12 days.

    Here's a link:

    so the question is.... When will we have a steam console?

    Seriously i am getting tired of having to import ALL my games! i would love to be able to log in to my console on a quiet saturday/sunday morning and just pick up a game to play for that day at a discounted price!

    I was going to buy it before it came out but now.

    The prerelease hype is gone for me, and I don't really have any yearn to play it right now. With bipolar opinions on how good it is, I'm not prepared to spend 60$ on a game I can buy on sale later or get from ozgameshop if I really want it.

    Plus no instant kills always sounded like a bad idea.

    be 100 soon enough, it's ironic though that this game can't possibly need a prima strategy guide

    It's no mystery what has happened. The price is the same as the US Steam store bundle. The boys have flicked the switch to increase the price for the standalone game (US49 to US$89 for AU) but forgot to adjust the US bundle price for AU. Get it while it lasts.

    Or instead of wasting your money you could buy the steam key from this site for $45.31AU and get the key today if you have a pc! Save your money for a better game!

    I had high hopes for Brink, but the pre-release gameplay trailers didn't fill me with much confidence (nothing specific, just the "feel" of them didn't seem right), and it seems now that it's very much the decisive game.
    I was waiting for it to be patched up and go on sale before I dipped my toes in it, looks like the later happened much sooner than I expected.

    I think the regionally delayed release dates hurt their "day one sales" in the delayed areas a lot, with people hearing the criticism from the earlier released regions before they got the game.

    I can't help but feel that some of this is just sheer backlash for a game that couldn't live up to the near ridiculous levels of preview hype that nearly all sources had built up.

    It's now up to 104.95 for the prima guide copy.

    Snooze you loose i guess.

    Article should probably be updated accordingly

    It's $38 on Oz Game Shop and it can be linked to your steam account from a retail copy. Free shipping too.

    Publishers need to realise that eventually people will vote with their feet and walk out on games that would be otherwise successful if they are going to be price gouged.

    Back to $89.99 now, very smooth Bethesda, I'm sure hardly anyone noticed :P.

    I can't see the point of paying $60 for an online game with a Single Player campaign that is essentially MP with bots...Why not just make it online only, remove the SP and spend that time making the MP better? And then just release it for $30-$40

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