Burnout Crash! Finally Adds Lobster Monsters And UFOs

Already outed by Australian ratings board, the ESRB details the next game in the Burnout series, a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game that sounds… well, really different.

According to the game’s official extended rating, Burnout Crash! is an action game that involves creating spectacular crashes and traffic pileups with “cartoony” vehicles. Players will also face more unusual challenges that involve tornadoes, spacecraft and “lobster monsters”.

Really, see for yourself:

This is an action game in which players earn points for creating traffic pileups. From a top-down perspective, players initiate crashes by driving ‘cartoony’ vehicles (e.g., cars, trucks, vans, buses) into busy intersections; multiple crashes trigger score multipliers and rack up large ‘bills’ of property damage. Each level is accompanied by crashing sounds, small explosions, and vocal encouragement (e.g., ‘Cool,’ ‘Maximum Carnage!’). In some levels, players are instructed to crash into police cars (e.g., ‘Crash them before they bust you!’); in other sequences, oversized airplanes, tornados, lobster monsters, and UFOs slide across the screen, destroying any vehicles in their path.

Burnout Crash [ESRB]


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