Call Of Duty: Black Ops Gets More Play Than Facebook

Just imagine how connected we'd be if everyone spent as much time on Facebook as they did shooting each other. Impressive Call of Duty numbers courtesy of Activision Blizzard's first quarter 2011 financial results.


    Not that impressive. I'm surprised it's as close as it is, I would have thought the average gaming session would last waaaay longer than the average Facebook session.

    Don't care Activision. Plus I sold Black Ops because it hasn't been fixed since launch.

    Such a broken game. And plus, I've got other games that I spend way more than 58 minutes a day on.

    It must be like a red hot knife twisting in Bobby Kotick's gut that he isn't "monetizing" all those playing hours.

    But the direct comparison makes no actual sense, the number of users is different. It's like saying "Users of my car spend an average of 2 hours every day, exceeding the 55 minutes the average user spends per day on facebook"

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