Can You Figure Out What Makes This Watch 'Video Game-Inspired'?

Joel: I honestly cannot see what makes this Converse watch "Video game-inspired" Fahey: Well it's There's the... I got nothing. Totilo: Dr Mario! Joel: That's about it maybe. Totilo: also, the red and white on the right is clearly an abstract version of fireball Mario from Super Mario Bros Totilo: the navy blue is an homage to arcade classic 1943 Joel: It makes me wish I'd paid $US75 to buy a new game instead of that crummy watch. Totilo: and the teal and yellow is a modern reference to that Twisted Pixel game Fahey: The red and white is Ken and Ryu, duh. Joel: Maybe it's supposed to be Sonic's hand when he's got the flu and he's trying to decide what pill to pop?


    My guess is that it's "inspired" by games as much as Hungry Jack's burgers are "inspired" by movies. (You know, like the Thor one currently going round, and that Dark Knight one...) Maybe it's like Commander Keen's watch and plays Pong?

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