Catch 'Em All (but Maybe Avoid These)

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

10 Ridiculous Pokémon Products [UGO]I'm appalled that the Pikachu menstrual pad didn't make this list.

The 10 Greatest Poop Moments in Gaming [Ranker]We've all slurped from a commode in Fallout - - hey, don't act like you haven't. Revisit nine other great toilet humor punchlines in video games with this list, from Castle Crashers to Metal Gear Solid.

Top 12 Enemy Movement Patterns [1Up]Here's an interesting, and spot-on, roundup from 1Up, what is basically 10 AI clichés in video games. Drawn largely from platformers, I'm still a little surprised that "run toward the exploding barrels" didn't make the cut.

Useless Video Game Weapons [ShortList]Toy Laser Sword represents Dead Rising's arsenal of crap. Raphael's sais were crap in the cartoon (can't stab anyone, of course) and worse in a video game.

Five Things We Learned from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games [Joystick Division]And on that note, here's Joystick Division with a look back at the universal truths dispensed by TMNT. "Sais are crappy weapons," would have made for a good No. 6


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