Cave Johnson's Lemons Don't Make Lemonade

You may recall this video, possibly the most hilarious thing ever created in the history of the internet. Now, in homage to the late, great Cave Johnson, Ignas Greed has attempted to create this typography vid of his awesome speech about Lemons, and how you shouldn't make lemonade.

Typography | Cave Johnson Lemons from Ignas Greed on Vimeo.

Via Reddit.


    nice work, especially enjoyed the use of the asterisk.

    Thanks for the attribution!

    I myself AM Reddit, and it's great to see my work appreciated.

    I approve of this video. I will make sure my employees see and hear this every single day.
    - Cave Johnson, Founder and CEO of Aperture Science

    While I enjoyed the video, it's just not the same without GLaDOS.

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