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Some say that Mark Serrels is actually from Wales, and that if you pull his finger, he will give you the “Serrels-Stare". All we know is that this, uh, doesn’t have much to do with Cheapskate Gamer at all actually...

This drawing by Sughly does though.

PC Digital Download BEEP - $8.99

Breaking the Rules: The Roman Tournament (pre-order) - $9.75

Capsized - $8.95

Cities in Motion - $15.95

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (pre-order) - $44.99

Dirt 3 (pre-order) - $44.99

Dragon Age II (Mac) - $29.95

Duke Nukem Forever (pre-order, may or may not actually come out) - $44.95

Dwarfs!? - $8.99

The First Templar – Steam Special Edition (pre-order) - $33.99

Fortrix 2 - $8.99

Garshap: The Monster Slayer - $17.99

Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Collection Series 1 - $7.50

Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Collection Series 2 - $7.50

Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Collection Series 3 - $7.50

SpaceChem - $7.49

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium (pre-order) - $44.95

Retail Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition – approx. $15.11

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising - $11.99

Dawn of War II: Retribution Collector’s Edition – approx. $27.11

Farming Simulator Gold Edition - $22.99

Rift 60 Days Time Card – approx. $22.65

Sid Meiers Civilization V - $21.49

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – approx. $27.11

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (pre-order) – approx. $36.23

Xbox 360 Carnival Games: In Action (Kinect) – approx. $27.11

Deadly Premonition – approx. $19.52

Deathsmiles: Deluxe Edition – approx. $19.55

De Blob 2 – approx. $14.96

Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage – approx. $27.16

Gears of War 3 (pre-order) - $59.99

Gears of War 2 Complete Collection - $20.99

Kinectimals – approx. $27.16

Kinect Joy Ride – approx. $25.64

Knights Contract – approx. $22.56

L.A. Noire (pre-order) – approx. $55.98

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom – approx. $19.52

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – approx. $37.75

Operation Flashpoint Red River - $44.99

Sonic Unleashed - $15.99

Splatterhouse – approx. $19.52

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – approx. $37.75

PS3 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Limited Edition – approx. $27.16

De Blob 2 – approx. $14.96

Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage – approx. $27.16

Killzone 3 - $37.99

Knights Contract – approx. $22.56

L.A. Noire (Pre-order) – approx. $55.98

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – approx. $37.75

Monopoly Streets – approx. $21.23

NBA Jam – approx. $22.65

Operation Flashpoint Red River - $45.99

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 – approx. $27.11

Rio – approx. $27.16

Splatterhouse – approx. $19.52

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – approx. $37.75

Wii De Blob 2: The Underground – approx. $14.96

The House of the Dead Overkill - $15.99

Kirby’s Epic Yarn – approx. $34.77

Madworld - $7.99

Metroid Other M - $29.99

Sonic and the Secret Rings - $16.49

Wii party (Solus) – approx. $27.11

NDS Mario vs Donkey Kong: Miniland Mayhem – approx. $27.16

Pokemon White – approx. $37.75

Pokemon Black – approx. $37.75

3DS Super Monkey Ball – approx. $27.16

Zavvi is currently having a huge “May Mayhem” sale and they have too many items on sale to list here, so check out the sale here.

Did I leave any deals out? If so, comment below or on Facebook and tell us where!

Editor's note: I'd like to thanks Tadmod for his many months of CheapSkate gamer service, and thank Lamboman007 for taking up the challenge!


    Hey Lamboman007,

    If possible could you post the cheapest place for the games that come out in that week from Marks post on Monday. That would be sweet if you can.

      Thanks for the suggestion :D
      Do think it would be better in Cheapskate gamer, or in Mark's "This Week in Games" articles?

        Hey buddy.

        As an avid bargain gamer, these should definitely be in cheapskte gamer.

        Even if you just advertise the one cheapest price in a "new release" section.

        I mean, anything that isn't Game or EB's RRP is cheapskate for a new release to a lot of people :P

          What Chuloopa says sounds great.

    Some absolutely killer deals there, mate.

    Nice work.

    Everyone should get bloodbowl so i can start a Kotaku league.. twould be fun as plums!


      Would love to dust off my copy of blood bowl and get in some fantasy football shenanigans.


    Hey Mark, if you're going to show cheap games from Direct 2 Drive, make sure they're for sale in AU. From the Witcher 2 page:
    This product is available for purchase worldwide excluding Australia and New Zealand.

    DNF is also region locked by IP, so you can't purchase it in Aus (Gotta get rammed another $30 for it)

      Whoops, I didn't notice that. Sorry everyone...

        Just like I didn't notice you did this article, not mark :)

      not sure what you're talking about, I just ordered Witcher 1 & 2 through zavvi with no problems.

      I was thinking of grabbing LA Noire for PS3 too, are UK games classified in the same region as AUS?

    Mark Serrels is the Stig?

      No, you give him too little credit. It's the other way around.

      The Stig is Mark Serrels

      An Enigma, of sorts

    GoG has the Witcher for $5 today

      I picked up a boxed copy from EB last week (Enhanced Edition) for $7.95 if you don't feel like downloading 11GB :)

        Is the game censored here? I read that it was censored in the US.

          It was.. the enhanced edition is uncensored, though :) doesn't deliver to Australia (No Australia open in the drop down for delivery option)....or am I doing something wrong here?

      i'd say you're doing something wrong lol

      I've bought from zavvi many a time :)

      Gotta be doing something wrong. I've bought heaps of games from Zavvi

      The and Zavvi are owned by the Same Company and most of the time have the same price for the same Items

      Just swap the in the url for and it will take you to their product pages

        The Hut Does let You Choose Australia in the Drop Down Box

          Nope, same problem. Although it may be different if I try to not use paypal. I shall give that a crack.

    Okay, I've gone and done some Cheapskate hunting on this weeks new releases, and here are the results.

    PC retail - $37.99
    Xbox 360 - $53.99
    PS3 - $53.99

    Karaoke Revolution: Glee
    Wii, With microphone - approx $27.16
    Wii, Without microphone - approx. $45.43

    MX vs ATV Alive
    Xbox 360 - approx. $27.16
    PS3 - approx. $27.16

    Steel Diver
    3DS - approx. $45.43

    The First Templar
    PC retail - approx. $27.16
    PC digital download - $33.95
    Xbox 360 - approx. $45.43 almost always seems cheaper than ozgameshop. once you go to checkout and select an oz addy they remove VAT from the price, which often makes the final price cheaper than other uk stores.

      e.g. brink on ps3 = ~$47.70 AUD shipped atm,

    Metroid Other M $15

    What are the general delivery times for Zavvi to Australia?

      normally between 1-2 weeks.. but it can be a little over depending on the time of year

        Thanks mate


    $15 Amazon credit with purchase of LA Noire. Not bad if you wanted to pre-order it anyway... and yes, they ship games internationally now (I did not know this until just now!)

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