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It is with great sorrow that I bring to you news of’s Australian death. I have heard that zavvi no longer ships to Australia, something that has grieved me greatly. We shall always remember you, old friend. We will never forget you.


Fable 3 PC retail – $43.69 PC Digital Download -$49.99 (with Fable: The Lost Chapter)

L.A. Noire PS3 – approx. $56.37 Xbox 360 – approx. $56.37

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean PS3 – approx. $50.25 Xbox 360 – approx. $50.25 Wii – approx. $34.95 DS – approx. $27.30 3DS – approx. $45.66 PSP – approx. $27.30

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC retail (Premium Edition) – approx. $36.48 PC Digital Download (Premium Edition, comes with $26 of credit to spend at – $62.99

PC Digital Download Age of Booty – $5.00 Apox and Legend DLC Combo – $9.49 Bionic Commando Rearmed – $4.98 Dark Void – $14.98 Dark Void Zero – $2.48 Dead Rising 2 – $19.98 Detour – $8.99 Devil May Cry 4 – $9.98 Flock! – $4.98 Hearts of Iron 2 Complete – $4.49 Heart of Iron 3 Collection – $18.00 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – $9.98 Lost Planet 2 – $19.98 Lume – $6.29 MotoGP 08 – $10.00 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – $4.99 Railworks 2 + Farming Simulator 2011 – $32.49 Resident Evil 5 – $14.98 Steel Storm: Burning Retribution – $8.99 Street Fighter IV – $14.98 Swords and Soldiers HD – $4.99

Retail Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – approx. $36.48 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – approx. $19.65 Bioshock 2 – $14.99 Call of Duty: Black Ops – approx. $56.49 Crysis 2 – approx. $41.07 Dead Space 2 – $31.99 Duke Nukem Forever (pre-order) – approx. $38.01 Medal of Honor – approx. $15.06 Portal 2 – approx. $45.66 Rage (pre-order) – approx. $38.01 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – approx. $27.30 Zombie Driver + Free 28 Days Later DVD (pre-order) – $26.98

Xbox 360 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – approx. $27.30 Bioshock 2 – $16.99 Crysis 2 – approx. $57.90 Dead Rising 2 – approx. $21.18 Dead Space 2 – $43.99 Duke Nukem Forever – approx. $56.37 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – approx. $19.65 Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition – approx. $22.71 Fight Night: Champion – approx. $36.48 Gears of War 3 (pre-order) – approx. $ 57.90 Kortal Mombat – approx. $53.31 Left 4 Dead 2 – approx. $22.71 Portal 2 – approx. $57.90 Red Dead Redemption – approx. $27.30 Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 – approx. $15.06

PS3 Batman: Arkham Asylum – approx. $15.06 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – approx. $27.30 Crysis 2 – approx. $57.90 Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition – approx. $27.30 Dead Space 2 – $40.99 Duke Nukem Forever (pre-order) – approx. $56.37 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West $19.65 Homefront – approx. $38.01 Kortal Mombat – approx. $53.31 Medal of Honor – approx. $27.30 Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – approx. $15.06 Portal 2 – approx. $57.90 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – approx. $27.30 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (Playstation Move Compatible) (pre-order) – approx. $22.71 Tekken 6 (Platinum) – approx. $19.65

Wii Conduit 2 – approx. $27.30 Dance Juniors – approx. $19.65 Dance on Broadway – approx. $15.06 Just Dance – approx. $27.30 Just Dance 2 – approx. $27.30 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games – approx. $27.30 Michael Jackson: The Experience – approx. $27.30 My Fitness Coach: Club – approx. $22.71 My Word Coach – approx. $12.00 Nintendo Points Card 3000 – $22.71 Nintendo Points Card 2000 – $15.06 Peppa Pig: The Game – approx. $15.06 Rabbids Go Home – approx. $15.06 Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage – approx. $15.06 Sonic Colours – approx. $27.30

DS Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking (Wait, what?? How did that get in here?) – approx. $7.41 De Blob 2 – approx. $15.06 Harvest Moon 3: Sunshine Islands – approx. $15.06 Imagine Journalist (You can be just like Mark!) – approx. $15.06 Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Winter Games – approx. $27.30 Nintendogs and Cats (French Bulldog and New Friends) (3DS) – approx. $27.30 Nintendogs and Cats (Golden Retriever and New Friends) (3DS) – approx. $27.30 Nintendogs and Cats (Toy Poodle and New Friends) (3DS) – approx. $27.30 Petz: My Puppy Family – approx. $15.06 Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2 – approx. $15.06 Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing – approx. $12.00 Super Scribblenauts – approx. $22.71 Tim Power: Policeman – approx. $8.94

If any of you have ordered from zavvi in the last few days, and there where no problems, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Did I leave any deals out? If so, comment below or on Facebook, and tell us where!


  • Not that it really matters about Zavvi is now owned and operated by The Hut Group and we wanted to let you know that your details and account data remain secure and will never be passed on to third parties.
    If you wish to opt out from finding out about our latest offers or advance sales please click here.

    Registered office: zavvi Ltd, Meridian House, Gadbrook Park, Rudheath, Northwich,
    Cheshire, UK, CW9 7RA.

    Registered office: Ltd, Meridian House, Gadbrook Park, Rudheath, Northwich, Cheshire, UK, CW9 7RA

  • “I have heard that zavvi no longer ships to Australia, something that has grieved me greatly.”

    …huh? I just put in a fake order and it went to the “confirm order” page, after accepting my address just fine.

    SOME items can’t be shipped (the only one I’ve noticed is Splatterhouse, which says it can’t be shipped outside the UK), but apart from that…

    • But is better with regular prices 99.9% of the time anyway. Zavvi sometimes has better sales but 101cd is always my first port of call…

    • I’ve just tried to order Splatterhouse and I got to the “place order” stage. Just needed to tick the “I’m 18!” box

    • It says Enslaved: Odyssey to the West PS3 – Unfortunately this product cannot be shipped outside of the UK.

  • I’ll miss Zavvi Mad Mondays. 🙁

    What do The Hut do that’s comparable? Does anyone know? Silly Sundays or Freaky Fridays or ANYTHING?

  • you sure about zavvi? i don’t see why they wouldn’t when thehut still does and they are owned by the same company…. seems odd…

    as for the witcher… you can order from gog and pay US pricing if you go into your account settings and move to the US on a temp basis… if you know what i mean 🙂 enjoy the cheaper price 🙂

  • Uh, I ordered a controller from them on Saturday, just waiting for them to pick it up from the warehouse and send it.

  • I made an order from Zavvi last night, which seemed to go through without any issues. I got an conformation email at least. I guess I’ll have to wait to see if it comes to fruition.

    • Just got emails that my items have been dispatched. If the issue is with selecting Australia as your country, I did have that issue. I couldn’t select it when using Opera, but it worked fine with Chrome.

  • Nice new release guide, I like the various console breakdown for each game.

    My only comment for new releases, is possibly have the cheapest price per console, and then maybe cheapest AU brick&mortar price per console.

    As sometimes people want to work into a store on release day and just buy it. eg) for LA Noire, I think the cheapest I’ve seen brickandmortar is $78 from JB HiFi for 360 and PS3.

  • If you were an evil, unscrupulous person from an island full of convicts then you might be able to migrate to the USA ‘digitally’ and pay less for the uncensored version of the Witcher 2 from GoG. But no one here would do that.

    Also of note: they haven’t artifically jacked up the price by $40 for preorders of Deus Ex on Steam yet, it’s still sitting at $50, with a 10% discount on top of that last I checked as well.

  • You heard? From where? Might want to confirm that little nugget of wisdom first..

    I ordered NBA Jam on Friday, order shipped on Sunday. you say..

  • Just going to repost what Batguy said in Talk Amongst Yourselves not too long ago

    May 17, 2011 at 3:35 PM
    Lamboman, you were asking earlier whether Zavvi is still shipping to Australia? I just placed an order then and it went through OK. People have complained recently that it was tricky to select Australia as a destination, but I already had my address saved in my account, so maybe that makes a difference. Dunno.

    Anyway, if you do manage to place an order, I recommend this coupon: VCOD330ZAV. £3 off an order over £30.

    And thanks for your responses everyone. I’ll do some investigating, and if zavvi is working fine again, I’ll have deals from them again in next week’s cheapskate gamer.

  • Also worth mentioning is that from today, Steam is moving to a daily cycle of specials. Today’s is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising at 75% off – only for a few more hours though.

  • I just recieved an order from Zavvi today (Madworld Wii), ordered on the 4th – I already had an account so not sure if it’s a problem with choosing a destination for some people?

  • question guys XD if u import ps3 games from europe to Australia, can u download dlc for it from ur aus account or u have to make a european account then download the dlc?????!!!

    • It depends, I believe that 99.99% of the time DLC works exactly the same for PS3 games from the UK on your AU account (as it’s the same region I believe) – but there are a few exceptions, Uncharted 2 being one of them.

      Read up here ->

      “UK PS3 games are usually compatible with AUS PSN Store DLC – but check the BLES codes on your game case against the ones on the PSN Store before you download. Notable exceptions are the UK versions of Uncharted 2 and Modnation Racers which have DLC locked to the UK PSN store.”

    • I got caught out with Red Dead Redemption.

      The local versions of all the free DLC worked fine with my import copy. Then I bought Undead Nightmare and found it wouldn’t work. There was no warning anywhere during the purchase process that the DLC was region locked.

      I spent hours on the phone with Sony trying to arrange a refund or credit with zero luck. Think I’ll end up flogging my import copy of RDR and pick up a local one when it gets cheap.

      • If its the PS3 version, you can just make a second PSN account for the UK/US store (whichever you got RDR from) and fund the wallet in that account with PSN cards.

        Works for my US PSN account. 😉

      • Do you have the uk version of RDR (e.g. from zavvi) and not a US or JP version (e.g. from play-asia) – does it say PAL on the back of the case or NTSC?

        If you’re unsure you should check the DLC BLES code on the PSN, and then email the online shop you want to buy it from and ask what the BLES code is – If it’s a match it should work 100%. Ozgameshop mainly have PAL, but they sometimes have NTSC instead, so it’s worth asking. Zavvi are always PAL.

  • thehut has very cheap games. Have any of you purchased a game from there and can vouch for its reliability? How long was the package in transit?

  • I ordered from Zavvi 15th and just had email confirming that order has been shipped, so still seems all good

  • I’m looking at L.A. Noire, but I’ve only a 360. If I order from TheHut, will there be region problems? It looks like they’re a british store, which worries me.

  • I order from zavvi all the time, including a small order today. Kotaku, you may want to check your facts before you post something like this. A totally false statement.

  • Can you post any proof that Zavvi is no longer shipping to Aus??

    And cheapest I’ve found LA NOIRE on PS3 is from DVD.CO.UK.

    Works out to ~$51 shipped. -VAT

    • Edit
      To clarify; almost EVERYONE on my Steam friends list is online. That’s 18 people. 6 people are offline.

      Obviously not EVERYONE is on steam. That would be chaos!

  • Err, I just had 5 orders shipped YESTERDAY from their cheap offers list. So that statement is incorrect.

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