Chelsea Football Club Repels Invasion From Space Using Their Balls

These four members of the Chelsea Football Club probably wouldn't mind us Americans calling it soccer, as long as we gave them proper acknowledgement for saving the entire planet from "giant alien invaders", which are definitely not Space Invaders for legal reasons.

From the same UK betting company that brought us rugby players versus dragons comes this impressive 3D light projection game of a Space Invaders-ish shooter. Four brave men from the Chelsea Football Club take turns taking the invaders down.

In the end, striker Nicolas Anelka came out on tops with a score of 2088, winning a trophy for his efforts along with a donation to the charity of his choice.

"It was a funny game, a good game to play and I hope one day I can have a garden big enough for this kind of game," Anelka joked. "The four of us enjoyed it and we were trying to help each other out getting the footballs back but I am happy that I won. The trophy will now sit next to the Premier League medal and all my other trophies!"

Keep on kicking, famous soccer player I am not familiar with due to my nationality.

Invaders Promo [188BET]


    That's pretty awesome, but they obviously suck at space invaders. Take out the ones on the sides and bottom first guys.
    Also reminds me of another video I saw where a bunch of soccer players played Frets on Fire (OSS Guitar Hero clone) by kicking soccer balls at the frets buttons.

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