China Has Its Own America's Army

Sadly, it's not called Capitalist Running Lackey Pig Dog Army. Nor is it called China's Army. It's called Mission of Honor, which for fans of Chinese rip-off naming conventions is still pretty great.

It's been in development for two years, and it has been created in conjunction with the People's Liberation Army, who see the title in much the same way as the US military sees America's Army: an infantry simulator which doubles as a recruitment tool.

Split into three "campaigns", the game recreates the first steps of a soldier's career, taking them from basic infantry training through to combat conditions.

While it's been developed primarily as a PR exercise, the game is also targeting the popularity of "foreign" titles played on PLA bases, "which may have different military values and mislead Chinese army officers and soldiers" according to the PLA Daily, the army's official newspaper.

It'll be out "soon".

China's PLA develops own military game [ChinaDaily, via Gamasutra]


    I want to play D: cept ill be on the "invading forces" team. Which fictional, most likely english speaking enemy are they going up against? :P

      You'll probably just end up shooting at unarmed Tibetans if there's a shred of accuracy in it.

        I've heard the training missions are simulated invasions of Taiwan.

          Why would they need to invade Taiwan? It already belongs to China! China's glorious leaders are just letting them play pretend country for a while...

            Yeah, and the fact that America often has naval vessels docked there has nothing to do with the fact China hasn't invaded and taken back their "rogue province" already.

            Douchebags steal shit all the time and see massacres as "an internal affair and nothing for outsiders to get involved with or have an opinion about". Big shocker that they're using this as a training tool for the invasion that will come sooner or later

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